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Desolation and Confusion

Suspenseful background track communicating a sense of worry, drama and overthinking. The melancholic piano theme is being moved forward by ominous strings, ticking and tense sounds.

Tortured Shrieks

Dark, scary horror trailer music with unexpected impacts and extraordinary sound design elements.


Dark, scary horror trailer music with staccato strings, monster impacts, big brass and horrific witches voice. Great for all kind of promo, opener, intro and trailer.

Broken Klavier

A dark, orchestral underscore with extraordinary sound design and piano fx for horror, crime, thriller and action themes. Great for horror or thriller movies, video games.

Ghost In The Mirror

Dark and scary sound design trailer music for all kind of horror themes with unexpected impacts, calm piano, low booms, reversed fx and monster brass. Great for opener, intro, promo and trailer.

Scheming in the Dark

Ominous ticking, brooding strings and a melancholic piano theme towards the end make up this suspenseful background track. It will work very well in documentaries, serious news items, games or films seeking an investigative and mysterious tone.

Dreadful Crime

This is intense punk electronic epic and powerful cinematic trailer track great for action, crime, extreme sports, fight , film, TV, advertisement and gaming. Consists of drums and timpani beat, synth and piano theme , powerful cello and cinematic FX elements to bring more epic vibe. Include main v...


Dark and mystic hybrid electronic music with mysterious synth and dark atmospheric sounds and deep bass. This music track is perfect for trailers, video games and movies.


Slow scary track. Perfect for trailers, videogames, youtube and mach more Massive synths, amazing industrial parts, nice ambient elements, punchy groove and high-quality sound

Daunting Trailer Intro

Epic foreboding cinematic intro. Works perfectly in relation to suspense, horror or any other production seeking an ominous dark impacting theme.

Crouching Halloween

A mysterious, scary, creepy, halloween music. Alarming beginning, then gradually there is a dynamic, emotional, but smooth development. Perfect for house and corporate parties, YouTube videos, commercials, upcoming Halloween projects, mysterious, nightmare, cartoons, monsters, social media, bac...


This track is a mix of electronic and rock music. Floating bass and drums make this composition a very powerful and aggressive.

Brave Soldiers

An aggressive and powerful hybrid trailer, with strong and edgy synth sound design mixed with epic drumming and big bold orchestral horns. Brave Soldiers starts with a longing and emotional soft vibe, suddenly followed by a driving and intense climax. A heavy track for your dark, ominous and fearful...

Spooky Trap Halloween Organ Intro

A Scary Halloween Trap intro with classic horror church organ riff, deep bass, modern hip hop beat, strings, spooky fx and samples of laughter and screams! It’s great for Halloween, YouTube videos, commercials, films, TV, background music, websites, advertising, films, games, Halloween video, Hall...

Halloween Funky Upbeat

80's disco/funk Halloween track features live energetic funky guitar and disco beat, monster bass, bright claps, spooky synth of the 80s, organ, funky brass, and scary sound effects. Perfect for any Halloween videos, intros, event promotion or seasonal products. Also useful for commercials, vlogs, p...

A Dark Suspenseful Revelation Background

Brooding strings, big suspenseful rhythmic elements and an ominous piano theme paint a dark atmosphere that will work very in the background of your film, documentary or other production.

An Ominous Investigation Background

Dark and suspenseful background track consisting of piano, strings, synthesizers and ominous rhythmic sounds. Perfect to use in investigative documentaries, crime series, movie trailers or any other production seeking a suspenseful musical background.

Epic Industrial Distorted Ident

This short aggressive intro sets a dark and ominous mood. It consists of guitars and epic drum sounds. Perfect to use in your game, commercial or trailer that needs a powerful statement.

Cinematic Action Trailer

Powerful Trailer – spooky, powerful, mysterious and dark cinematic track. Perfect for:advertising, TV spots, cinema, business/corporate projects, commercial or lifestyle videos, openers, presentations, teasers, trailers.
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