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I Love Christmas

A festive and jazzy music track. It features classical acoustic guitar, double bass, drums, chimes and sleigh bells. Perfect for Christmas-themed videos, ads and animation, DIY Christmas tree decorations and gift wrapping tutorials, winter season cooking vlogs, New Year preparation, or December shop...

Stay [PACK]

High energy Dream Pop track. Driving bass and punchy drums throughout. Epic saxophone solo towards the end of the track. Strong 80s keys throughout the song, with both acoustic and electric guitar supporting the Pop Vocals. With Tame Impala sounds and a Retro Vintage feel, the vocal track features a...

Past (Ukulele and guitar lofi)

Ukulele and guitar lofi track with a catchy bassline. Perfect for vlogs, coffee shops, youtube videos, nature, fashion, tv and adverts.

Happy Upbeat Background

'Happy Upbeat Background' is a catchy acoustic, funny, uplifting, motivational and inspiring background music track, spreading a lighthearted and joyful mood. It's designed as an uplifting background music track for commercials, films, documentaries, product or service presentations etc. and works w...

Positive Manouche Swing

Fresh and Bouncy Gypsy Jazz track for your project! It features acoustic guitar, brushed drums, upright bass and a piano. Perfect for commercials, ads, youtube, intros and many more. Enjoy!

Fun Jazz Manouche [PACK]

Fresh and Bouncy Gypsy Jazz track for your project! It features acoustic guitar, piano, drums, upright bass and some sleigh bells to get things going. Nice and Easy, with a Christmassy feel it`s great for commercials, ads, youtube, special events or other projects. Enjoy!

Gypsy Jazz Swing [PACK]

Catchy and Fresh swinging track for your project! It features acoustic manouche guitar, upright bass and drums. Perfect for commercials, ads, youtube, cafe or restaurant background and many more. Enjoy!

Cinematic Uplifting Upbeat Piano

Introducing "Cinematic Uplifting Upbeat Piano" - a dynamic and upbeat instrumental track that will elevate your project to new heights. Featuring a catchy piano arpeggio, acoustic guitars, drums, bass, and strings, this song is perfecft as a backing track for your video. Whether you're creating a...

Hot Summer Fun

This is a royalty-free pop track that features acoustic and electric guitars, bass, drums and percussion elements. The mood is laidback and sunshiny. Perfect for entertainment videos, advertisement, presentations and a lot more.

My Little Gypsy Girl

A cheerful, French gypsy jazz, with acoustic guitars, solos, upright bass, female vocals, claps and swing drums, best for comedies, cooking shows, or cabaret.

Take Me To The Country Fair

This is a royalty-free country music track featuring harmonica and fiddle along with bass, brushed drums and acoustic guitar. The mood is joyous and lively. Perfect for advertisement, films, TV/Radio shows, and a lot more.

Tropical Island Party

A lighthearted acoustic track, featuring playful marimba, light piano, double bass, driving rhythm guitar, timbales and authentic percussion and drums. Styled for promo, ads, commercials, corporate, youtube and any scene about holiday, vacation, easy life, sunny beach, ocean breeze, pool party, cock...

Beautiful Innocent Cinematic Theme

A tender, delicate main theme, featuring catchy piano and melodica, light pizzicato strings, bright flute, basson, glockenspiel. Perfect for ads, commercial, promo, corporate and any kind of sentimental, nostalgic scene. Reunion, old lady, memories, once upon a time, remember, photo album, french vi...

Acoustic Corporate Storytelling [PACK]

A bright, optimistic organic and synthetic hybrid track that helps you tell your story, featuring beautiful acoustic guitars, expressive strings, groovy bass, light acoustic and electronic percussion. The main version could underscore the more emotional part of your project, while the background ver...

Pop (Summer Dreams) [PACK]

Happy and optimistic inspirational electronic track with live instruments: acoustic and electric guitars, piano, deep bass and percussion. This isĀ upbeatĀ pop song. Use it anywhere you want to create the happy atmosphere! Perfect for background music for happy projects, YouTube video, game and web ...
Yann Keerim
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