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Bounce Around

Synthesizer lead mixed in with beach style surfer groove. Great pop track for commercial, or teen movie. Fun, adolescent and innocent. Bouncy and cute. Light and fresh. Could be used for deodorant promo. Department store sales. Very playful for kids, or children's programming. Educational television...

In a Dream

Acoustic guitar feature with a world flavor. Nice combination with flute, cello, and percussion. Lovely and simple. Exotic. Could be used in a romantic scene at twilight, dancing on the outside deck of a lounge, overlooking the ocean and the stars. Quiet and sensual. Has a bit of Latin music style. ...

Not Any More

Positive, rich and flowing melody that depicts warmth, encouragement and hope. The piano theme is light-hearted and thickens with the entrance of an acoustic guitar and cello. Soft percussion add motion to the memorable phrasing. This is a beautiful track with a Celtic flavor. Wedding ceremony.

my quiet war

A sad and moving composition. Very touching guitar and violin theme. This Spanish-like track will make you feel something. Perfect for theme music for intro or outro of a feature.

my quiet war 4min vrs

A sad and moving composition. Very touching guitar and violin theme. This Spanish-like track will make you feel something. Perfect for theme music for intro or outro of a feature.

dancing with my shaddow

Fairy tale-like classic tune. Magical bells, rich pizzicato strings and a piano are playing an enchanting theme. Suitable for drama and fairy tales.

leaving everything behind

A sad ballad with a Spanish taste. Touchy guitar solo and gentle piano fillings.

Sports TV Swing

Positive-playful, lively swing track featuring a classic piano trio. Perfect as opener, e.g. for talk shows, or as film score for romantic comedies.

Beach Cafe

Very relaxed, positive chillout track with some Mediterranean touch, featuring acoustic and wah guitar, Rhodes, a groovy bass, a gentle beat and sounds of the sea. Beach feeling!

wide ocean

Mysterious-atmospheric acoustic track with some world music touch, mystical and romantic. A repetivie acoustic guitar riff accompanies female vocals which remind of Native American chants.

a last look

Thoughtful, wistful, emotional and reflective piece for drama, personal stories, reflection and remembrance. Touching, sincere. Works well as a final statement

road to nowhere

A low key, sorrowful and nostalgic musical underscore. Piano and ambient texture. Good for drama and storytelling. Sad, touching. Atmospheric Bitter Confused Dark Depressed Delicate Disillusioned Dramatic Droning Eerie Emotional Ethereal Foreboding Heartbroken Helpless Hopeless Humble Hurt Innocen...

no hope

A touching and poignant melodramatic piece featuring French horns and strings. Beautiful, melancholic, sorrowful and longing. Richly textured, good for film score / drama, perhaps funeral, separation or loss. Regret, sadness. Longing, nostalgia.


A simple, heartfelt piano instrumental that is ideal for evoking a tender,romantic ambiance. With a gentle lyrical melody and a sparse, spacious unclutteredarrangement. Well suited for media depicting sensitive, touching and priceless moments.

end of story

A dreamy, soft and tender soundtrack featuring gentle woodwinds, slow pulsing piano chords,sleepy ethereal string pads and sparse, splashes of color from harp and belltree. Evokes a sad, melancholy mood good for emotional, touching moments.


A slow and serene, emotive soundtrack with high ethereal strings, soft pads anda simple, tranquil theme played on electric piano and guitar. Evokes a calmand peaceful, heartwarming atmosphere good for sincere, tender and touching romantic moments.

last meeting

Pensive and romantic orchestral ballad with piano. A beautiful and touching melody.


Emotional and melancholic solo piano composition. Loneliness and romantic feeling, passionate piano performance great for films and videos, lyrical track with touching melodies and thoughtful themes.

first love

Sensitive acoustic track on piano and strings with a flowing slow tempo. This track will be good for any calm, quiet, serene situation where a mellow music is required. Warm, romantic, sweet moods


Folk music from Argentina. Contrabass and piano duet playing an easy melody in a 3/4 rhythm. Acoustic, instrumental, easy listening and hopeful feeling
Yann Keerim
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