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Electronic EDM Summer Fun And Happy

Electronic EDM track with summer vibes. It’s fun and happy. Featuring vocal chops, cool synths and electronic drums and percussion. Ready for commercials, radio, Youtube videos, vlogs, etc. It’s loopable and easy to edit for different lengths.

The Beauty of Future Technology

An electronic, ambient royalty free corporate tune, with synths, guitars, pianos, and steady drums, best for science/tech topics in ads, documentaries, commercials, advertising or vlogs.

Take me away

This is an electronic chill track but it also had a good beat. Perfect for a travel vlog or cinematic segment.

Action Sport Trailer

Great for extreme and sport videos, games, backgrounds, films, youtube, tv advertisements, action movies, trailers, commercials and visual.

Extreme Dubstep - Main Version

Energetic and powerful dubstep track. This track can add extremely drive to your project. Great for sport videos, slideshows, presentations, videos, action scenes, commercials, TV and radio, YouTube videos and more!

Technology - Main Version

Technology is glitch, atmospheric background soundtrack with glitches instruments such as: synths, basses, pads, plucks, blips, guitars and piano. Great for technology advertisement, presentations of future, innovative and technological processes videos.

Silent Future

A dark and minimal piece influenced by 80s synthwave & film soundtracks. Reminiscent of John Carpenter movies, Blade Runner and more recent 80’s throwback TV shows such as Stranger Things. Ideal for media involving technology, science, space, future, or corporate advertising.

Sport Electro Beat

This is the powerful electro style track. This one great for sport actions, action, ads, presentation, different games and other. Including 2 versions: 1.Main Version - 1:40 2.Short Version - 0:54 BPM: 105 Key: G# No Vocal

The Haunted Theatre

Dark and creepy background, layered drone synth with a repetitive soft melody. If you need something quiet and subtle to create some extra suspense in your project, maybe this is it! 2 variations: fade out and button ending

Dark Cinematic Ambient Tension

Dark and mellow ambient cinematic texture/background for film, documentaries and slideshows. Subtle drone synths and a repetitive melody pattern creates a disturbing and tense atmosphere!

A New Dawn - (Atmospheric Cinematic Texture)

Dark and gloomy electronic ambient background, with rhythmic synth patters, and a subtle and optimistic piano melody. My intention was to make something suitable for use as background/underscore in various film/drama projects that have a melancholy and hopeful mood!

Soft Chillout Ambient

Deep and relaxing electronic background ambient music for any kinds of presentations, film underscore, time lapse, documentary, explainer videos or just as listening music. Lots of synthesizers, pads, an acoustic guitar, piano, electric piano, shimmering percussion, deep bass, and female vocals.
Yann Keerim
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