Little Things (no mandolin)

Funny song with ukulele, acoustic guitar, glockenspiel, piano, accordion and drums. Perfect for any children related project and more.

Fun Kids

This track will take you to cartoon world and tale! Unique sounds and a cheerful mood. Bouncy Buoyant Carefree Cheeky Cheerful Friendly Fun Funny Happy Hectic Joyful Light Nostalgic Optimistic Playful Silly Swinging Whimsical

Happy Kids Nursery

A happy, upbeat, bouncy & joyful track featuring pizzicato, acoustic guitar, bells and fun band. Perfect for commercials, adverts, promos, presentations and productions for children.


Inspirational and funny neo-classical track with pizzicato strings quartet, piano and glockenspiel. Perfect for commercials and children-related projects.

Sleepy Time

A gentle melodic track using a music box to give a peaceful and sleepy feeling.

Fun Pop

Acoustic pop instrumental track instroduced by crackling handclapping. Acoustic guitars, piano, drums, bass, claps, snaps. Breezy, upbeat mood. Perfect for kids, childrens videos, animals, pets videos, advertising, Youtube, slideshow and more.

Whistling & Clapping

Upbeat ukulele whistling and clapping tune with bright, vibrant and bold sound. Excellent for advertising production, video presentation, slideshow, happy movies, animation and television broadcasting. Purchase Includes 2 versions of this track .. WAV and MP3 formats. 1. Whistling & Clapping – (...


Commercial children’s track for your video projects.

Children's Song

Happy and cheerful children’s melody for your funny project.


Cheerful energetic track, which is filled with children’s happiness. This music for the beautiful and hight quality projects.

It's My Life

Upbeat and uplifting tune well suited for the brightest and the best projects. Happy sounds of this track motivates and inspires. Arrangement contains of the most popular instruments for the advertising industry .

Your First Step

Beautiful calming children's music for your video presentation, advertising, slideshow, television broadcasting children's Youtube videos, video games and more... Uncommonly easy and happy kids track. Music for kids ,who had just been born and make the first steps into the world..

Yann Keerim
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