Bradley Gray - 17 tracks

Bradley Gray is a media composer with a wide variety of genres, textures, and vibes at his fingertips. A well-traveled professional, his experience as a conductor, director, orchestrator, stage musician, studio musician, and producer bring versatility and understanding to the unique art of media composition.

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Sweet Sunday Afternoon

This cello-led track is reminiscent of some unknown folk melody. It's a Sweet Sunday Afternoon.

Another Story

There are always two sides to every story; the one told and the truth. This is the truth. It's funky; it's fun and full of truth.

Get It

There's only one thing on your mind. It has captivated you for as long as you can remember. All there is left to do is Get It.


This driving track gives an instant feeling that something urgent is in front of you. There is nowhere to go but deep inside the emergency at hand. It's urgent.

Spanish Moon

It's a cool night and you see a wonderful, brilliant, Spanish moon.

A Dee Dee Day

There is no better, no sweeter, no more enjoyable than a Dee Dee Day!


You know. It's after you. You might know now what it looks like, but it's out there. The whole thing.

Make A Decision

It's time; time to make that decision. Contemplation is over, it's time.

Getting There

This corporate feel lets you know that what is to follow is important; no doubt.

Ethereal Boom

Through the fog of early morning, Joe reaches the peak and sees the journey before him.

Crying Violas

This comedic mystery style motif uses classical motifs uniquely and intriguingly.

Long Drive

The lonely thoughts of a lonely driver. Hope? Maybe. None? Maybe.
Yann Keerim
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