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Ambient Technology

Composer: Melomaker
Ambient Technology – light, inspiring atmospheric track with soft piano plucks and gentle pads on the background, perfect for your media project!

Ambient Corporate

Composer: SnowMusicStudio
Ambient corporate intrumental music track. Perfect for slideshows, graphic products, presentations, promo videos or any corporate videos.

Electronica Hazy Dream (Versions 1 + 2)

Composer: Jake Schneider
A lush, hazy, dreamy and colourful electronica track - version 1 with a big compressed drum kit sound and version 2 with an electronic 909 drum machine sound. Ideal for modern corporate adverts and commercials (think fashion, slow-motion night life scenes, new technology, applications, and new insp...

Soundscape Ambient

Composer: Tak Music
Inspiring and Ambient track, with motivational harmonies and melodies. This composition will work great in TV, films, videos and commercials.

Blue Sky

Composer: Beepcode
Calm, mellow, confident and deep corporate track "Inspired Ambient 3" in modern ambient style with orchestral elements and positive mood.

Ethnic Abstract

Composer: White Cat Music
Unusual, fascinating hybrid track with electronic sounds and ethnic flavors. Very rhythmic and percussive, almost hypnotic, and yet always changing. Ideal as background for scenes where a sense of mystery, secrecy or sensuality is needed. Several short edits are also available.


Composer: White Cat Music
Love makes you do impossible things. Or, it makes you believe you can achieve the impossible. This song is about that feeling. It's a romantic, inspiring song, featuring a sweet ukulele played with smooth, delicate arpeggios and a nice acoustic piano. Check out the instrumental version as well, perf...

Quiet Room

Composer: kubed
A dramatic, haunting and emotionally charged track. Modern minimalistic arrangement, featuring haunting piano melodies and deep rhodes sounds. Slow tempo and sad, melancholic mood. Could work great for TV or Film dramas. Cautious slow and mysterious. Lonely melody, midnight in a forest, flashbacks.

Sentimental Melancholy

Composer: Jacob Segal
A sentimental and thought provoking composition with strings and bell.

Melancholic Symphony

Composer: Jacob Segal
A bittersweet mysterious melancholic orchestral track, purely strings and a little bell.


Composer: Jason Meeks
Dramatic sorrowful track with a huge string section and dynamic, minimal percussion. Would go well in an indie film drama, war movie or a medieval period piece.

After the rain

Composer: Alex Khaskin
Subtle use of reversed guitars and synths, minimalism, melodic and contemporary,soundscape,drops of light,
Yann Keerim
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