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Epic Soundtrack

Composer: Melodality Music
This is a cinematic composition with an epic vibe. stunning cello melodies accompanied by piano parts, choir sounds bring the true dramatic emotions. great as a film soundtrack, inspirational track. orchestral string sections from the middle of the track bring a lot of tension.

life style tv light comedy 6

Composer: Alex Khaskin
An upbeat, bright and perky pop soundtrack with a catchy tune and a pulsing rhythmic beat. Lively and exciting vibe that is right on target for Life style TV shows, lifestyle, infomercials or any positive, uplifting media project. Instrumental Contemporary drums , acc guitars , marimba , pizz ,ba...

Heros of the Wild West

Composer: Dominik Hauser
Upbeat wild-west tune featuring strings and trumpet. Adventurous and carefree. Wild West, guns, colt, Indians, native American, the good the bad and the ugly, spaghetti western, Ennio Morricone, Clint Eastwood, sheriff, gunslinger, duel, prairie, bonanza, horse. Saddleback,


Composer: Alex Khaskin
Dark , scary ,suspenseful , ominous, aggressive , with conclusion For Film and TV Orchestral , Sound design ,choir , heartbeat, contrabasses , ambient

Funky Greek

Composer: Alex Khaskin
Productin Music Suitable for Documentaries Cimematic


Composer: The Spacepets
Punk Songs Commercially Released British Style, speed, rock, punk,

Silent knight on the hill

Composer: Mazedude
Dark and heavy, powerful mood music.Hi quality production Production Music

3 In Melody

Composer: Yann Keerim
100 Tracks Collection by Yann Keerim. Buy and Dowload instantly royalty free music for your productions.

El Tango Theme

Composer: Yann Keerim
100 Tracks Collection by Yann Keerim. Buy and Dowload instantly royalty free music for your productions.


Composer: TMC
Sweet piano theme Feeling pf care - love - soft touch Suitable for advertisements

Old Fashion Swing

Composer: Yann Keerim
100 Tracks Collection by Yann Keerim. Buy and Dowload instantly royalty free music for your productions.

Tick Tock Rock

Cool, young and dynamic rock song to the beat of a ticking clock. The powerful, aggressive drums are creating an impulsive groove along with the catchy guitar riff. The song conveys strength, energy and adventure.

Breezin Hills

Smooth Soul with a dry, urban groove. Funky e-guitar, accompanied by Rhodes piano, synthesizer, bass guitar and a tight beat. Relaxed-modern sound for fashion and lifestyle!

Corporate Dream

Composer: Melodality Music
Hopeful and Uplifting corporate music track with Piano, Rhodes, Dreamy Atmospheric sounds, Strong Bass and Drum sections. Great for commercials, presentations, videos and promos. Successful music with a positive and happy vibe.

Rising Sun

Composer: Alex Khaskin
A heartfelt, melodic pop/rock crossover track that starts softly and then grows to a sweeping, emotional chorus part. Intense, romantic, with rock band plus orchestral strings in an arrangement similar to Coldplay etc. Heartbreak, young people, first love, loss, sorrow or just personal stories, soul...

War Opening Theme

Composer: Alex Khaskin
A seriously dramatic, epic, cinematic track. This track keeps building in intensity and urgency towards a majestic climax towards the end. Full orchestra, choir, epic percussion, major Goosebumps effect towards the final crescendo and music, Hans Zimmer, trailer, orchestra, fight, choir,...

Growing up

Composer: Alex Khaskin
Uplifting, spirited and stirring semi-orchestral piece with a sense of achievement, success, reaching new heights, overcoming setbacks, struggle for greatness. Olympic / Victorious / Aspirations. Available with or without additional rock elements towards the end,

Disco Pimp

Composer: Sonic System
Groovey disco-house track with strong funk influences. Filtered strings and horns add the unmistakeable feel from classic disco days to modern, up-to-date production and energetic groove. Great for playing at parties and in clubs, as well as for using in TV and advertising work.

Rising Above

Composer: Lucid Dream Music
Inspirational and Motivational cinematic track with a piano sequence, strings, guitar, modern drum beat and percussion. Atmospheric, elevating and circular music composition great for commercials, TV, films, trailers and more.

In The Maze

Composer: Lucid Dream Music
Emotional and a bit mysterious cinematic track with piano, electronic drum beat and synthesizer/pad sounds with a slightly dramatic and adventurous feel. Great for movies, documentaries, trailers and more.
Yann Keerim
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