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Percussion Charging (Energetic drums rhythm)

Energetic drum music that creates an energetic atmosphere and a strong mood. In combination with energy, sports, corporate, motivational, training videos, commercials, slide shows, commercial projects, etc.

Sports Rock Trailer

Powerful and energetic rock sports track featuring aggressive bass, charging rock drum, epic stomps, claps, and bright lead guitars. This track will give your project an energetic and powerful mood. Perfect for advertising, commercials, travel, extreme sport, GoPro, YouTube, slideshows, sports video...

Sports generation (Workout energetic background)

An energetic training background with a charging atmosphere and a strong mood. Combined with energetic, sports, fashion, training videos, commercial projects, etc.

Uplifting corporate background (motivational presentation)

Motivating presentation composition, positive charging and inspiring. Thanks to specially selected tools can be used for various purposes.

Electronic energetic sport background

Energetic e-sports background with a powerful energizing atmosphere and unsettling mood.

Motivational energetic electronic music

Motivational electronic song with a powerful energy, charging the atmosphere and optimistic mood.

Electronic Powerful Energetic Music

Powerful electronic energetic music with synths, leads, sequences and drums, creating a charging atmosphere and optimistic mood.

Relevant upbeat corporate background

Light optimistic corporate music with guitars, pianos and drums, charging with optimism, atmosphere of success and inspiration. It will perfectly suit your commercials, promos, animations, info-graphics, youtube contents, radio and TV shows, vlogs and more..

Can You See Me

Charging forward, this instrumental track really rocks from start to finish! Similar in style to Coldplay, with piano, guitars, big drums and orchestra. The drums break it down with the bass in the middle section, leading to a guitar solo and climax to the piece. High energy, positive and driving ro...
Yann Keerim
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