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Orchestral Pop Uplifting Color

Orchestral pop with an uplifting mood built from a bit of melancoly. Classical orchestration and rhythmic section. Hooking melodies and building sections. Good for many situations in romantic comedy or intense happy ends from a difficult situation. SECTION A (building); B (0.58); C (1.42) Avail...

Mozart - Piano Sonata n.12, K 332 - 1st mov

Famous Mozart masterpiece in classicism style but also with a romantic passionate felling (0.28) and magnific enthralling progressions (1.10). Used in movies as Love story, Mon arbre, White Collar. Availble in 2 versions: with Bosendorfer piano for a deep and rich classical sound, or Bechstein pi...

NewAge Uplifitng Soft Melodic

Inspiring, beautiful & emotional background and melodies with a strong feeling of serenity and connection with nature and human kind. A peaceful melancholy and serenity. NewAge, Ethereal, Nature, World Harmony, Ballad. Dramatic, Sorrow, Documentary, Intensely romantic.

Borodin (Public Domain) - Polovtsian Dances

Public Domain evergreen classical masterpiece, also know as “songs of our homeland” and often used in movies. Here in the original orchestral & choir score, soft & intense with the memorable melody in evidence. Available in: main version / instrumental version. Sweet, lovely, poetic...

Children Lullaby

Typical lullaby for kids. Starts with music box (carillon) only, then a soft orchestral arrangement, then returns to a music box ending. Delicate, melodic, soothing, dreamy, in a pefect traditional lullaby style. Available in: main version / music box only.

Night Fog

A suspenseful and dark track in a minimalistic way without bombastic and epic drums. The melody in the strings is dramatic but still hopeful, backed up with the piano, bass drum and a few mode-making sounds.

Meditative And Motivational

This is a meditative but still inspiring and motivational tracks that would be perfect as background music in your presentation, slideshow, advert or promotional video. The music is built on a weave of mallets and builds nicely throughout the track. It also features drums, piano, pad and bass. The...

Motivational Waltz

Here you have a slow ”waltz” in 6/8 time. The melody is nice and modest without taking too much space, therefore the track will work fine as a voice over. The instruments used in the track are drums, bass, ukulele, muted guitars, lead guitars, glocken, piano and rhodes. This music will b...

A New Day

This is short beautiful piece with just strings and piano. The melody in the violins is sad but beautiful and the item is perfect for your advert or presentation that needs a subtle melancholic feel to it.

Slow Dramatic Tango

This is a tango inspired piece of music with pizzicato strings, piano, harpsichord, percussion and harp. Nice and easy but yet with passion. The track is orchestral and expressive but still minimalistic and playful. It would be perfect as a trailer or soundtrack on TV or movie, or as background musi...


Melancholic and reflective beautiful piano theme creating a atmosphere of longing and emotional thoughtfulness. It gives the feeling of fall and winter coming soon. Great for peaceful and pensive scenes - a time for lonely reflection and peaceful thoughts.

Float On

Simple, soft and deeply moving music featuring mellow acoustic piano. The repetitive flowing theme creates a peaceful, calm and melancholic mood. Great for emotional and reflective scenes expressing both sentimental longing and comforting hope.

Star Curtain

New Age,Ambient type tracks. Very Spacious,wide Sound. It Starts off with melanchoric guitar arpeggio and acoustic piano. looped drums,bass,choir gradually comes in to build up dramatically. This is good to express nature wideness ,Ocean, Universe. Nature film,science film are perfect place to us...

Forever in My Heart

Dramatic, evolving piece that builds musical phrases to ultimately create a powerful and inspirational piece. Touching soulful piano, beautiful strings, movie choirs (male and female) strong epic drums, touching cello will make any project truly reveal the emotions. Best for emotional, sad and beaut...

Breath loop

An inspiring, beautiful and emotionally fulfilling piece of music perfect for wedding videos, romantic videos, inspirational projects, photo slideshows and more.

Elegant Piano loop

A beautiful and inspiring solo piano movement. This track may be incorporated into various types of media applications including, but not limited to, commercials, advertisements, film/television, wedding videos and corporate presentations.

Memories Solo Piano lopp

A thoughtful, emotional and reflective track featuring soft, gentle, and beautiful piano melody.
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