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Pleasant Afternoon

Flowing acoustic Pop ballad with melancholic, emotional feel

Pachelbel's Canon

Beautiful soft arrangement of the popular classical piece

Open Door

Emotional Pop Rock song with inspirational lyrical message

Not Looking Back

Inspirational track with acoustic guitar, piano, subtle synths and cool beat. Starts soft, then gradually builds throughout...

No Problem

Inspiring Pop Rock track with solid groove and cool guitars

Modern Technology

Cool ambient electro track with laid-back groovy beat and quirky synths

Miles Above

Ambient, atmospheric piece with cool beat and flowing arrangements. Uplifting, joyous feel

Looking Better

Inspiring piece with acoustic guitar and full band backing. Celebratory atmosphere...

Latin Seduction

Modern latin track with laid-back cool beat, acoustic guitar and bass

In The Moment

Dreamy, melancholic piece with ambient guitar, piano and light drums

Happy Floating Around

Ambient Electronic track with delicate pads, catchy melody and light percussion. Modern, dreamy feel

Full Of Inspiration

Inspiring and uplifting track with solid beat and cool arrangements. Sense of triumph and success.

Feeling Melancholy

Pleasant, easy going piece with guitar and light percussion

Crying Myself To Sleep

Emotional piano piece with subtle strings. Reflective, melancholic feel.

Being Positive

Uplifting electroinic track with feel-good, happy go lucky atmosphere.
Yann Keerim
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