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Lost And Found

An introspective, thoughtful and emotive piano track. Somewhat bittersweet, with a sense of longing, warmth and loving emotions. Caring, hopeful, heartening, but also with a melancholic feel.

The Inevitable Waltz

Piano and strings in a track with a strong sense of history, historical eras, a bygone time. Soft and elegant, with sweeping strings. Ballroom dance, romantic dance. Good for period drama, history / historical settings, timeless love stories, vintage cinema. Classic Hollywood orchestra sound. A soft...

'Less I Have You

A sweet and charming, somewhat naïve sounding vocal pop ballad, with a sense of simpler times, perhaps going back to the 1950's-1970's with the innocence and genuine hope for a better world. The lyrics are a pretty straightforward love song, and the music is lush, delicate, tasteful and rich with...

Goodbye Sara

An introspective, thoughtful and emotive soundtrack featuring a somewhat bittersweet piano lead. Grows to an orchestral crescendo at about 01:15 with sweeping, moving strings. The later part of the track from 02:20 takes on a more positive, hopeful feel. Perhaps reconciliation or coming to terms. A ...


A sorrowful, but also comforting piece that starts out with piano, with orchestral strings entering later. A sense of loss, perhaps a bygone era. Very poignant, touching, intricate. Good for drama, personal stories, history and historical documentaries, etc.

All The Old Guys Are Getting Out

A wonderfully warm, lush and all live big band jazz track. Very delicate, tasteful and exclusive sounding production, with a feel of old dance halls and concert halls. Old style jazz, classic jazz. A short vocal part appears from around 01:10. Features live orchestral strings, live brass, live piano...

Valle de Mosa II

An introspective, thoughtful and poignant film soundtrack piece. Somewhat nostalgic / melancholic, perhaps sorrow, loss or memories of bygone times. Starts with only piano, and grows to a full orchestral score further in, with crescendi and sweeping climaxes. A single female soprano voice enters at ...

Trip Hop Downtempo Loop

A groovy looped trip hop influenced track with crispy drums and cool sounding guitar all under a nostalgic feeling.

Smooth Lounge Loop

A chilled out looped tack with relaxed rhodes, crispy upbeat drums, and soothing funky bass guitar.

Aggressive Breakbeat Loop

A cool breakbeat instrumental track with a lot of bite and energy.

Ambient Technology Loop

A technological music loop with electronic percussion and ambient synthesizers across the track.

Upbeat Downtempo Loop

A fun downtempo loop with sound flavors of dub reggae music and upbeat breaks.

Chill Hip Hop Loop

A smooth and mellow hip hop loop able track in the underground style with a vinyl feel.

Reggae Dub Loop

A chilling downtempo loop in the style of dub reggae.

Lounge Downtempo Loop

Upbeat looped lounge tune with nice real housey bass put through warm analogue with lush rhode chords and delicious drums.

Balkan Gypsy Loop

A upbeat and happy dance track with horns and gypsy styled rhodes and guitar.

Bright Corporate Loop

This is a bouncy, happy tune, featuring a ukulele type acoustic guitar along with a simple whistling melody. Perfect for background music for presentations that needs to promote happiness and lightheartedness.

Electro Loop

A fun melodic and uplifting electro house kind of track made with the dance floor in mind.

Relaxing Downtempo Loop

A chilled out looped tack with relaxed rhodes, crispy drums, and bass guitar.

Energetic Breakbeat Loop

An electronic groovy moving breakbeat loop with a lot of bite and rhythm.

Lounge Loop

A chilled out looped lounge tune with relaxed keys, nice crisp drums and a clean bass.
Yann Keerim
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