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Feels Like Home

A beautiful contemplative track that features soothing and gentle acoustic guitar melodies. Style: Acoustic guitar ambience. Cinematic score. Drama and romance. Mood: Emotionally moving inspiration. Thoughtful peace. Touching and sentimental. Perfect for: promotional videos, commercials, fi...

distant future

searching for the future... pads and drones accompany the piano


tense atmosphere and suspense...oriental drama with violin

Earth shine

classical quartet... emotional, inspirational... comedy

Last snow

classical quartet... emotional, inspirational... comedy

Darkness Hybrid Trailer

This is a short, dark and powerful piece of trailer music. It's perfectly suitable for games, movie intros or outros. The song uses big trailer percussion, strings, low trombones, and horns.

Together we stand

An epic and piece of trailer music. This powerful composition, is ideal for trailers, battle scenes, film and TV footage, action adventure and videogame related contents, epic and dramatic visuals and cinematic projects

Towards Freedom

This is a piece of music, with the big and wide sound of a classical orchestra. This track is suitable for military and patriotic slideshows, projects, movies and documentaries. It can be useful for historical films and adventure films. Movies about war, battles and victory would be very emotional a...

Honor and Glory

An epic hybrid orchestral track, feat. orchestral strings, brasses, powerful percussion, choir, synth bass and electric guitar. This track fits to many projects like drone flights, landscape recordings, intros, trailers and other epic stuff.

Gentlemen in Battle

This is an epic orchestral track composed for action and battle scenes with up and downs to add more drama and enhance it's emotional character.

A Cinematic Story

This one is an Epic Cinematic Score featuring an epic orchestra with energetic symphonic strings, big cinematic percussion and atmospheric pianos. Epic Cinematic Score is a song filled with life, dramatic moments, excitement and strong and powerful vibes and mood. This music background is great for ...

Hybrid Cinematic Trailer

A mix of orchestral percussion and electronic elements with various sound effects, risers and melodies. Perfect for all kind of trailers/movies/games. Enjoy !

Inspiring Orchestral Cinematic

Inspiring cinematic trailer music. Emotive and dramatic background music for Film, video, game, presentation, commercial, slideshow, media, advertising.

Moonlight & Fireflies

Calm meditation and yoga background music for relaxation and study.

The Big Band Show

Upbeat and bright with jazz and swing elements, featuring rousing brass and drums, creating a cheerful and energetic mood. Good for movie, trailer, TV-show, podcast introoutro, opener, video game and other media projects, cooking shows.

Cloud Waves

Ambient chill out music for meditation and yoga, relaxation, sleep and study.
Yann Keerim
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