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Breaking News Ident

Breaking News is perfect orchestral jingle music: horns and trumpets; strings, timpani, piano and classical percussion. For TV ads, broadcast shows, financial projects, commercial and corporate videos, high-tech presentations, slideshows and promotional videos, advertisements, etc.


Innovate and technology track. Fits for youtube videos, videohive projects, technology, tutorial, news, presentation, showreel, beauty blogs, festivals, openers, vacation, advertising, commercials, vlogs, timelapse and more!

Sport News

This powerful and cool track is ideal for your commercials, corporate videos, videos for YouTube, sports reports, feature films and documentaries about bikers, rockers, athletes, races, etc

TV Technology Science

An inspiring, energizing and uplifting background track, perfect for creating an intro atmosphere for TV, television news, science, politics, business, commercial, medical, marketing.

Corporate Motivational Inspiring Uplifting

A perfect track for all inspiring, motivating or uplifting projects! The instruments include many guitars, strings and a piano and a catchy rhythm.

The Timeless Machine

The swirling celestial mechanics invade the space. Let yourself be taken in this whirlwind to illustrate your audiovisual projects.

Motivate Corporate Loop

Motivate Corporate is positive and optimistic track. You will hear muted guitars, piano, synth melodies and bells with solid and simply drums groove.

Epic Evolving Inspiration Background

'Epic Evolving Inspiration Background' is an epic emotional uplifting inspirational and motivational evolving background music track, working great for your showreel, commercial, weddng vdeo, corporate presentation, commercial, Youtube video about luxury, or love, as an intro, trailer, background fo...

Positive Curious Investigation

Marimba, snaps, piano and other rhythmic elements paint a curious investigative atmosphere. Perfect to use as background music in your commercial, corporate video, documentary or any other production.

Happy Romantic Story

Romantic, inspiring atmosphere. In this third I used cinematic and corporate elements - melody, chords, reef. Rhythmic viola provides movement and energy. An air piano, long violins and a gentle flute create a feeling of happiness. Powerful bass and drums add grandeur. The track is perfect for slid...

Secret City

Ambient, motivating and inspiring track. Recommended for slide shows, documentary videos, advertising and fashion events, travel shows.
Yann Keerim
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