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You And I (Cool 70s Reggae)

A classic, old skool reggae track, with a chilled 70s vibe. Features: Bass, guitar, drums, Hammond, piano,brass, steel pan and Rasta vocals. Great for advertising, promotions and travel content. Available in 3 edits, Full , Long and Short.

Summer Fun

A positive and warm uptempo song with happy piano chords, playful acoustic guitar chords and melody, funky bassline, bouncy hammond organ and acoustic drums.

Blues Rock Background

'Blues Rock Background' is a blues rock background music track featuring acoustic piano, electric guitar, hammond organ, bass and drums. It wil work for product presentattions, vlogs, commercials, films, movies, commercials etc.

We Have Faith (Lively Shout Style Gospel)

A fast and lively Gospel styled piece singing of faith. Works great for films with religious content, documentaries, travel and church videos. Features: female vocals, female bvs, hammond organ, piano, electric piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, hand claps and drums. 2 edits available Long and s...

Cool Workflow

Cool urban style groove with sax, electric guitar, organ, strings and piano.

Gospel Organ

A moving, inspiring American Gospel Organ piece. Reflective, expansive and spiritual.


Optimistic, fiery and funky melody with bright copper, ogran Hammond, rhythm guitar, crisp bass and traditional funk beat. Great for fashion, slide shows, promos, fun, lifestyle, comedy, youth and holiday videos, entertaining TV shows, as well as for many of your other projects.

Jazz Show Logo

Jazz Show Logo for your brand and logo with jazz sounding piano, drums and hammonds.

Morning Run

An energetic driving percussion track with stomps, claps, snaps, boots, Hammond organ and distorted guitars great for corporate media, action visuals, dynamic video projects, commercials and many more!

60'S Gogo (Lively Sixties Style Stinger) - Stinger 0:09

A lively 60's style stinger that's ideal as an intro, outro, transition or segue. It would work fine in many genre including game shows and sitcoms. It features Hammond organ, drums and bass.

Jazzy Podcast Logo

Jazzy Podcast Logo for your brand and logo with jazz sounding piano, drums and hammonds.

Funk Up (70's Funk Style Logo)

A catchy, upbeat stinger in a classic 70’s Funk style - great for podcasts, vlogs, corporate, training or business style projects, features guitars, bass, drums, Hammond organ and horn section.
Yann Keerim
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