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Solar Eclipse

Sweeping synths and spooky SFX create this spacious sci-fi track. Ambient and atmospheric.

Possible Mission

Powerful electronic track with strong beat and catchy synths. Futuristic feel. Suitable for action, suspense, mystery or sci fi scenes.


Dark electronic track with solid groove and edgy synths. Powerful, suspenseful atmosphere.

Mysterious Looks

Mellow electronic track with solid groove, spooky SFX and catchy, quirky synths. Suitable for mystery scene.

Keep Running

Driving electronic track with quirky, catchy synths and solid drums. Mysterious atmosphere.

Jericho Rain

Upbeat African tribal track with driving percussion, cool synths, horns and sfx

Hollow Passage

Spacious, ambient, sweeping synths and spooky sound effects create this mysterious track. Great for sci fi or mystery scene.


Mysterious, spacious synths, soft pipes and percussion create this ambient track. Suitable for sci fi or mystery scene.

Freak Show

Strange synths, sfx and percussion create this unusual arrangement. Great for horror, suspense or sci fi scene.

Far Dimension

Flowing, ambient soundscape with atmospheric synths, percussion and spacey sound effects. Suitable for sci fi scene.


Modern teen Pop track with solid groove, catchy edgy synths and sfx. Upbeat and energetic.


Cool, laid-back Hip Hop track with catchy, quirky synths. Mysterious and dark.


New Age spacious, ambient track with subtle synths, bells and light percussion. Calm, open and atmospheric.

Distant Pleasures

Spacious, sweeping pads, soft percussion and catchy synths. Great for spacey, sci fi scene.

Crime Buster

Dark Hip Hop groove with catchy synths, mysterious sfx and scratching. Tense and suspenseful.

Cosmic Trouble

Dark, mysterious electronic track with hard, spooky synths and solid beat. Great for mystery, suspense, sci fi scene.

Chillin Out

Modern Hip Hop track with solid beat and cool catchy synths. Sure to get you movin!


Modern teen Pop track with solid groove, catchy edgy synths and sfx. Upbeat and energetic.

Bombay Night

Solid percussion with ambient sweeping synths. Slight African or rainforest feel. Very atmospheric.

Blue Moon

Spacious, atmospheric piece with flowing synths and sound effects. Open and free.

Tripping Around

Trippy electronic track with cool beat and weird synths
Yann Keerim
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