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A Space Between Universes

Instrumental ambient music composed for synth plucks, synth pads, electric piano and soundscapes, ideal for space travel, sci-fi, hi tech, advertising, commercials and documentaries.

Celebration (Sunset Party)

Fresh summer royalty free music with electric piano and inspirational melody! Modern dance pop track for your incredible projects! Perfect for beauty blogs, sport, fitness, festivals, advertising videos, videohive projects, presentations and openers!

Technology Logo Reverse

This is electronic technology music logo with piano, atmospheric synths, glitch and reverse effects and energy beat. This logo is perfect for futuristic sci-fi video, game intros, technology opening.

Challenging Strategy

Electro ambient corporate music, suggesting a forward thinking, ambitious, competitive approach. Fast bouncy tempo, airy pads and echoing synthesizers creating a futuristic, technology-oriented atmosphere. Perfect for science, business presentations, stock market news.

Best Team

Modern energetic and inspiring track. This music is perfect for corporate events, trainings, team building, as well as for sporting events, video clips, presentations, etc.

When I Open My Eyes

Motivational and inspiring pop track. Created with a minimum of musical instruments. This does not affect the absence of a positive and a good mood in song, it will perfectly fit in any of your media Projects and is the perfect complement to it.

Inspiring Corporate Background

Bright, inspiring, corporate track combines electronic music and acoustic instruments. This music is perfect for corporate events, trainings, team building, as well as for sporting events, video clips, presentations, etc.

Lounge Bossa Loop

A smooth and elegant track, Lounge Bossa Loop is a brazil influenced lounge groove with electric guitar, bass, drums, percussions and sweet electro piano chords.

Space Lounge

A breezy, relaxed groove with gentle electric piano playing, can inspire feelings of love and joy.

Beyond the Machines Time Corporate

Instrumental Corporate electronic music composed for synthesizers, muted and electric guitars, ideal for sci-fi movies and TV series, science and tech documentaries and commercials and advertising. Also great for futuristic and dystopic topics in media projects.

A Hope for Tomorroiw Corporate

Instrumental uplifting corporate music made for synthesizers, electric and muted guitars and strings, ideal for Science and Technology commercials, advertising and ads.

Positive Inspiring Time Lapse

Atmospheric and peaceful cinematic music with a dreamy feeling! Subtle melodies on a layer of piano, synths, ambient guitars and percussive elements. This track will be best for time-lapse videos, storytelling, adventure, nature footage, documentaries and podcasts!

Lighthearted Happiness

'Lighthearted Happiness' is a catchy, acoustic, uplifting, motivational and inspiring happy music track, spreading a lighthearted and funny mood. It's designed as an uplifting background music track for commercials, films, documentaries, product or service presentations etc. and works with both, al...
Yann Keerim
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