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Inspiring Classical Air

Energetic and motivational classical orchestra instrumental track, with a dominant role played by strings section and piano. Inspirational mood, fast tempo with passionate staccato strings. Perfect for documentaries, drone footage, visual arts projects, contemporary concepts.

Faster Technology

Fast dynamic electro-pop corporate track crunchy drums, echoing guitars, strings, warm piano and pulsing drums. Focused, determined mood perfect for high-tech and innovation related videos.

Successful Startup

Positive inspiring corporate track with echoing guitars, pulsing drum kit, shimmering acoustic guitars and piano. Perfect for business presentations, promotional videos and slideshows.

Positive Energy

Uplifting instrumental pop-rock track featuring piano, electric and acoustic guitars, steady drums. With a confident and optimistic mood. Perfect for advertising, youtube, drone footage and corporate presentations.

Upbeat Corporate Pop

Upbeat and inspirational pop instrumental track featuring piano, electric guitar, acoustic guitars, drums that create a positive, optimistic mood. Perfect for promotional videos, advertising, youtube videos, tutorials and corporate presentation.

Energetic Indie Rock

Powerful aggressive stomp rock with smashing drums, electric guitars, vocal oohs, gritty synths, claps creating a tough, proud mood. Perfect for sport, action sequences and advertising.

Stomp Rock

Explosive stomp rock with a bold, aggressive sound. Perfect for action and sports projects, the track features electric guitars, solid drums, claps, "hey" shouts and synths.

Cotton Club

Vibrant big band jazz swing track with authentic retro sound. Shimmering full brass section over smashing drums, bluesy piano and trombone solos.

Funky Glamour

Energetic electro funk instrumental track with acid-jazz influences and 80's retro styled synthesizers. Groovy bass guitar and drums, exuberant and lively mood. Perfect for trendy productions, sport, slideshows, fashion showcases.

Energetic Summer Pop Background

Energetic Summer Pop Background-beautiful music for your inspirational video project. Perfect for corporate videos, business projects, social media, websites, TV commercials and other audiovisual media. I hope that my music will inspire you to new stunning and successful projects, thanks for visiti...

Right Choice

Motivational corporate pop rock track with electric guitars and harmonies. Beautiful melody to sound advertising, presentations and corporate films. It is your right choice! 1. Right Choice (Full version) (3:18) 2. Right Choice (second version) (3:18) 3. Right Choice (Short version) (1:18) 4. Right ...

Corporate Infomatic

Straight smooth strong motivating music for serious business. Cold and steady beat.


Feel good inspirational ambient positive track in trend commercial sound for best results of media project targeting. Perfect for business presentation video.

Middle Eastern Trap

This royalty free trap music piece with Arabic and Oriental mood, massive ethnic orchestral strings, 808 sub bass, punchy trap drum beat, synth chops and brass section. For travel video and adventures, openers and intros, podcasts, television promotional videos, slide shows, video blogs and more. ...

Solar System

''Solar System'' is a synthwave electronic track with a feeling of flight, space, and globality. Background music for videos, industrial video projects, hi-tech videos, sci-fi films, documentaries of science and space, technical presentations, advertising and marketing videos, websites, social media...

Heavy Classic Rock

A heavy, energetic, classic rock logo. Strong electric guitars, driving bass and pounding drums. This track is perfect for advertising, YouTube, vlogs, vimeo, media, corporate, video, commercial, campaign, advert, blog, computer games, sport, action, cars, TV, radio, presentations and much more.
Yann Keerim
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