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Epic Force

A great epic orchestral hybrid track, dramatic and energetic.

Epic Bagpipe Music III

A very energetic and cinematic orchestral track for movies, and videogames featuring percussion and bagpipes.

Playful Weirdness

A funny and playful track, featuring marimba, celesta, and electronics. Great asset for kids productions and video-games.

Playful and Fresh

A very playful, positive and energetic electro track video-games, comedies, and any audiovisual product related to youth and kids

423 Cool and Confident 4416 AC2

A very energetic instrumental track, inspiring and positive.A great asset for any corporate video, movie and any video application where an exciting track is required.

425 Creating Success AC2

A very energetic and uplifting orchestral track for advertising, corporate videos and more.

427 Indie and Ethnic AC2

A very energetic, playful and fun track, great asset for videogames and advertising.

Slow Burn

by kubed
A beautiful, slow chillstep track, combining haunting piano motifs with ethereal vocal fx, atmospheric pads, electric guitar licks, edgy synht-bass and modern dubstep drums. Dreamy and hypnotic mood with an edge & fresh production. Great soundtrack for drama series, classy commercials, high fashion.

Inspirational Background

Light and Inspiring Background Music with beautiful and gentle sound. Perfect audio for any Video or media projects.

Above the Line

by hawkey
A lively pop-rock track that will add a dose of positive energy to your project.


An upbeat latino themed track with acoustic guitars, funky brass, piano, and drums. Conveys a lively and energetic carnival atmosphere. Great for travel projects, trailers, presentations and advertisements.

My Name Is Happy 2

Bright energetic track. It's optimistic, uplifting and very positive acoustic track. It's great for children, for motivation. It also can be used as a background of some projects or commercials. Magic sound of celesta and bells bring easiness and lightness in this track. So it feels like everythin...

Golden Skies

by kubed
A piano driven, electronic track with snazzy beats and modern production values. The haunted piano and percussion bring in mind the New Wave era, while the beats, synths and production give it a modern twist. Artistic and with a slight tension track, suitable for commercials, sports & fashion shows.

Happy Worldmusic

Playful World Music with plucked instruments and tonal percussion. Perfect for documentaries, games and more.

A New Life

Beautiful landscapes, close ups and nature shots. Just a some example for what this ambient track can be used. Bell typed instruments and melow soundscapes gives that music a calm and relaxing feeling.

Polar Wonderland

Ice landscapes, the wonders of the polar of our planet. Crystals form and the enchanted nature. Quiet ambient music which is perfect for nature recordings, documentaries and closeups.

Hybrid Tension

Dramatic and modern Hybrid Cinematic music with quick synthesizer arp and percussions. Great for action, science fiction and racing.
Yann Keerim
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