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Sunny Rain

Featuring wonderful cellos, atmospheric violins, beautiful piano melody, tight contrabasses, bright trumpets and brass, cinematic drums and percussions

Ancient Voice

Ancient Voice is a beautiful and alluring ethnic song in a modern style. Background music for videos, travel, documentaries, oriental themes, adventures, vlogs, promotional videos, websites, social networks, for business projects, etc.

Golden October

Perfect for dramatic movies, films, social media and more

Wedding Day

Warm mood romantic piano sound for dramatic and tender backgrounds

In Dreams

Sensual, sentimental, dreamy and touching composition for movies, games and other projects! It is well suited for videos with romantic, hearty and inspirational scenes. Enjoyable listening!

Falling Flowers

Perfect for love stories, slideshow, soft and tender videos, beautiful scenes, classical videos, nature, timelapse, wedding album and other inspiring projects.

Calm Ambient Piano Documentary

Quiet and very calm piano piece with atmospheric pads and strings, as well as orchestral percussions. It has a very relaxing, contemplative feel and a beautiful, peaceful piano melody that is slowly fading in and out. Perfect for a documentary, relaxing videos of nature or mindfulness, or presentat...

Inspiring Corporate Presentation

Ambient and inspiring background music track made for videos about technology, renewable energy, computers, science, business and more. It is motivating and atmospheric with a positive feel. This will be perfect for corporate advertising and presentations.

Ambient Corporate Background

Calm and Inspiring ambient background music for motivational social media campaign videos, corporate business presentations, product promotions, and commercials. Perfect background music for videos about nature, agriculture, inspiring people, beauty products, spa.

After The Storm

Sad and emotional orchestra music. This track featuring piano, strings, woodwinds, brass and choir. Good for drama movies, advertisement, montages, romantic videos, photo slideshows, love story, travel videos, sentimental videos and nature videos
Yann Keerim
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