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Happy As A Cat

Carefree light-hearted track with simple, child-like atmosphere. Chucking guitar, percussion, marimba and flute.

Fine Day For All

Quirky orchestral piece with pizzicato strings. Great for light-hearted, comedic scene, and children's use!

Happy and Upbeat

''Happy and upbeat'' is a cheerful and positive mood for your media. Featuring the acoustic guitar, whistling, glockenspiel, flute, piano, organ, handclaps, drums and bass. Great for advertising and commercials, small business promotional videos, presentation, children and kids videos, motivational ...

Into the Light

Electro cue. Neutral underscore which could be used for a backstory and works well under dialogue. Understated but with an interesting vibe.


Lively electro track. All the variation and fun of a fairground - this track works well for fashion, advertising, corporate, as a TV theme or background music for TV & Film.

Too Quirky

Happy, quirky pop track with comical feel. Upbeat groove and catchy synths. Great as humorous, light-hearted background music. Childish and fun!

Thinking Of Your Smile

Delicate, emotional piano piece. Reflective, dreamy atmosphere throughout, with a sense of hope and optimism.

That Party Feeling

Happy modern Pop/Dance track with uplifting drum groove and quirky, catchy synths. Great party, celebratory atmosphere. Lively and fun!

Swing With Me

Quirky, happy jazz/funk track with cool upbeat groove and full big-band arrangements. Funky, lively and joyful. Perfect for comical, bright background music!

Good Vibes Pop

Uplifting and motivational pop track. Perfect for advertisement, web videos, podcasts and more.

Most Positive Experience

Uplifting, positive track with driving beat, strings and organ. Optimistic, celebratory feel - gradually building throughout!

Love The Experience

Dreamy, light-hearted piece with acoustic guitar, piano, synth melody and light drum beat. Simple, carefree and uplifting - perfect for happy music to complement a scene!

Keeps Getting Better

Happy-go-lucky track with quirky, uplifting instrumentation. Great for children's use, or anything requiring carefree, light-hearted music. Comical, simple and fun!

Happy Party Feeling

Short, happy and uplifting Pop track with quirky, catchy synths over lively drum groove. Motivating, fun and carefree. Perfect for stinger/logo/ident!

Driving Into The Sunset

Cool, ambient electronic track with guitar, driving beat and catchy synths. Great as inspiring, atmospheric background music. Hip, fresh and positive vibe!

Days Of Happiness

Uplifting, happy Pop track with solid groove and catchy synth. Fun and light-hearted - perfect for cheerful background music!

Comedic Adventures

Quirky orchestral piece with comical cinematic feel. Great for cartoon use, or light-hearted, carefree music!

Childish Antics

Quirky, comical piece with childish, carefree feel. Bells and bass! Great for light-hearted humorous scene!

Bunch Of Nonsense

Comical, light-hearted track with silly, slap-stick arrangements. Great for childish, humorous scene.

Baby Steps

Quirky, happy piece with childish and comical feel. Great for light-hearted, carefree scene. Piano, hand claps and bass guitar. Catchy and uplifting!
Yann Keerim
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