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Inspiring Corporate Background 2

This song will set the tone for positive change and realizing your dreams. Motivate and encourage your audience as they visual their new beginning. This track has inspiring synth and string melodies throughout the song, yet takes on a new purpose as pulsating guitars build to an apex.

Inspiring Holidays

Tricky and funny little track with many lovely and surprising turns for a variety of scenarios with fun and playful moods: tricky video games, romantic comedy, family drama films, cartoons. It also has a light, bouncy and positive feel with a whimsical, quirky and mischievous touch.

Inspiring Innovation

Inspirational and Uplifting Pop/Rock track with guitars, bass, drums, piano and orchestral strings. Positive and Happy music that will be great for commercials, movies, presentations, product promos and much much more. Successful music that will guide you and your project to success.

Girl Meets Boy

A light and upbeat track featuring electric piano, ukulele and glockenspiel. A perfect underscore for corporate projects, presentations, motivational videos, etc.

Looking At Clouds

Featuring an ambient wash of guitars and sublime synth pads, 'Looking At Clouds' is a bittersweet piece of music suited to breathtaking backdrops, poignant or melancholy moments, etc.


Sassy disco-house in the vein of Daft Punk,etc. Featuring 90s house piano underpinned by funk bass. Positive and uplifting – great for fashion, lifestyle and sports.

Lifting Up

Powerful Dubstep EDM mix with anthem synth chords and kicking dums. Sounds catchy, simple and modern. Great for for advertising, lifestyle and sports.

Soulful Vocal Drum And Base (Instrumental Version)

Groovy and light drum and bass with catchy vocals and an relaxing athmosphere. Great as backgroundmusic, youth, lifestyle, fashion and presentations.

Soulful Vocal Drum And Base

Groovy and light drum and bass with catchy vocals and an relaxing athmosphere. Great as backgroundmusic, youth, lifestyle, fashion and presentations.

Hot Drive

Straight forward electro dance track with an great TB 909 baseline. Great for racing themes, games and sports.

Inspire Your Day

This is the soundtrack for a beautiful day in the sun. It has an upbeat positive good mood created by whistling, guitar, piano, marimba, tuba, and electric organ. Perfect for a children’s or kid’s show, app, film, cartoon.

Inspired to Succeed

An uplifting instrumental pop rock track, featuring driving live drums, expansive guitar arpeggios, piano and string sections. It's ideal for use in media where the message of winning and success is paramount, such as corporate presentations, sports, drama, news or websites.

Inspiring Beautiful Dream

Upbeat, positive, pleasing and feel-good, this track is about achievement, winning and business objectives. Great for lifting visuals and driving along powerpoint presentations, talks, background music or other motivating, inspiring and positive visuals.

Cinematic Tv Battle Action

(do not miss listening from 1.39) Orchestra, Synths and a rock mood in the ending. Action track with building technique that explode in high energy breaks and orchestral arrangement. Ideal for series TV and you can imagine a chase on the ice, with helicopters arriving and snowmobiles running away...

Epic Cinematic Grow

Hybrid orchestra with mistery, action, melodies, powerful percussions and building sections. Great for videogames, movies, epic or fantasy scenes. SECTION A (0.0) B (1.35) C (2.00) CODA (3.10) Action Adventure Epic Fantasy Fight Gothic Hollywood Trailer Videogames War Army Supernatural Mystery...

Epic Gothic Choir March

(do not miss listening from 0.57) Imagine a monks march, are they pilgrims? Are they warrior monks? The track is dynamic but not loud, on the edge between epic and gothic in a middle age landscape. There's a fallen abbey in the background, but maybe it's a deconsecrated church … Choir theme a...

Hip Hop RnB lush arrangement

A mix of hip hop beat, funky elements, brass, synth and a lush orchestral arrangement for an energetic track to emphasize a sport broadcasting or something similar, with an enthralling mood and synth melody. Action-packed adventures, sports competitions, racing, running, with a powerful driving hi...

Hybrid Melodic Spy Action

(do not miss listening from 1.07) This track combines electronic and orchestra for an intense mood at the same time sad and heroic. The music increase constantly the dynamic and the power. You can imagine an outer space landscape, but something in the theme recalls a mood from James Bond spy storie...

Intense Orchestral Big Melody

(do not miss listening from 1.39) Intense orchestral melody in a track that grows up for the beginning to the end. The mood is melancholic but sweet, not sad or desperate; a great soundtrack of a movie like Out of Africa or a Blockbuster Hollywood Love Story. The melodic theme is treated in diffe...

Modern Classical Strings Up

Modern classical music for strings orchestra. Dissonances but also intense melodic themes, like a wind that flies you through the sky, in and out of clouds. Modern times, impossible assembly line where everything flies by. Emotional, Beautiful, Exciting, Soaring Hollywood Romance, Big Fantasy. ...

Orchestral Cartoons Traditional

(do not miss listening from 1'47) Imagine John Williams writing for cartoons, that's the style of this track: lush orchestral arrangement and many moods for different situations. Theme, countertheme, variations, stops, reprise to climax section and so on, it's a complete small piece. The track i...
Yann Keerim
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