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Run - Up

Energetic, rock, groovy track. Drive guitar and insistent bass with clear contours of drums. This track will perfectly fit into videos about extreme sports, travel, TV shows. Let's create cool video projects together!

Space Dreams

A positive, major, playful track with vocal hooks and melodic synthesizers, spatial guitar.

We Have Faith (Lively Shout Style Gospel)

A fast and lively Gospel styled piece singing of faith. Works great for films with religious content, documentaries, travel and church videos. Features: female vocals, female bvs, hammond organ, piano, electric piano, acoustic guitar, bass guitar, hand claps and drums. 2 edits available Long and s...

Energy Drive Sport

An energetic, positive track with a stringal rock guitar, voice hooks and sound effects. Listening to this track immediately imagine an active video on YouTube, Vimeo, GoPro video about extreme sport and recreation, TV shows. This energetic track will embellish and create the atmosphere of your vide...

Flash Pop

Uplifting, incendiary, sparkling track. Incredible voice hooks, muts and drive guitars with explosive drums and lazy bass give pleasure and create a mood and cheerfulness. It will fit perfectly into the design of videos for travel, sports and extreme sports, and just active videos. Let’s create gr...

New Day

An upbeat and melodic track with voice hooks and rock guitars. Glockenspiel gives lightness and transparency. It will fit perfectly into a video of history, travel or just a positive video. Let’s create cool videos together!

Rock You Up

A rich, fireproof, shield-building doom track. The combination of rock drive guitar, heavy drums and vocal energetic hooks makes this track insistent and explosive. Sports, extreme racing, or videos full of dancing, these are the videos she fits in perfectly. Let’s create awesome and cool videos t...

Rock Team

The introduction to rock is a great start for a TV series, TV show, presentation video. Soft positive rock with vocal a cappella. Three-dimensional guitars, clear drums with transitional volumes and indie melodic movement. The track is memorable and sets you up for motivation and positive.

Quirky Indie Rock

Uplifting Quirky Rock with vocal hooks and rhythmic mute guitars combined with upbeat piano and synth effects. Give your project a fresh and motivated. It will fit perfectly into videos about travel, sports, school videos, TV shows. Let’s create together!

Guitar Drive

An active, driving, fast-paced rock track. Rhythmic drive guitar, clear drums with transitional volumes and indie melodic movement and vocal hooks. Track for TV shows, sports, extreme and just active videos. Let's create cool video projects together!

We are Young

Energetic, explosive and powerful pop-punk track, created in the style of bands like Blink 182, Sum 41 and Foo Fighters.

Glamour Pop Party

Summer, sea and glamorous Pop Party friends, what could be more fun when life is beautiful! Positive and uplifting melody combined in female voice hooks. It will fit perfectly into your party videos, travel videos and just positive videos. Make your video visible and successful. Let’s create toget...


Rhythmic, playful and colorful percussion combined with voice hooks define the mood of this track. Great sound for advertising, TV shows, games, and just fun videos. Let’s create cool videos together!

Rock Adrenaline

A breath-taking energetic, adrenaline-pumping rock track with vibrant guitar parts, retro organ and vocal hooks, indie style elements and uplifting drums. Perfectly fit into your driving video, travel, extreme sports. Make your video visible and successful. Let’s create together!

You're In My Heart

I’m happy to have you in my heart. My feelings overwhelm me, I’m happy and I’m ready to sing. This track is full of positive and energy. Myut guitars combined with pop drums and bass, joyful violins, xylophone and voice hooks create the mood and motivate for a great start and something new. Le...

Fair Wind

A fair wind for pleasant and happy journeys and new discoveries. The track is filled with a positive and uplifting rhythm and soft synths, everything you need for a vivid experience. It will fit perfectly into your video project. Let’s create amazing projects together!

Dancing God

The dancing God? Does he like to dance too? YES! The incredible energy and adrenaline of the track will make anyone do it, even God. A great start to add this track to your project. Invigorating Vocal hooks combined with drums, guitar and rock organ create a flow of fresh energy. Let’s create amaz...

Epic Sports Action Rock

A loud, warm and energetic vintage/modern Metal rock track featuring cool guitars! Driven by a super catchy drum beat and lovely Vocals, the track quickly progresses with electric guitars and Bass Guitar to reach a sweet and catchy atmo with background tape noises. Full of energy and attitude, and p...
Yann Keerim
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