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Pulse Of Life

Composer: White Cat Music
Energetic, uplifting track that brings to mind personal and corporate success, overcoming obstacles, motivation, trust, teamwork, change, faith. A modern pop-rock style with elements similar to Coldplay, U2, Bruno Mars. Several edits available, including 60 seconds, 30 seconds and stingers.

Sultry Blues

Composer: Dean Wagg
Slow, Smoking, Sexy bar room, live band blues featuring lead guitar, bass, drums & Hammond Organ. Sounds like BB King, Eric Clapton & Stevie Ray Vaughan, jamming after they've lost their woman & drank a bottle of whiskey.

Soul Power

Composer: Dean Wagg
High Energy, super cool & funky soul/R&B in the style of James Browns band jamming at their peak. Horn sections, funked up drums & grooving bass are joined by Nile Rogers style guitar. Full of sexy fun & energy. A tribute to the old school.

Robot Disco Funk

Composer: Dean Wagg
Funky disco pop electronica which sounds like Daft Punk meets Bruno Mars. Built around an irresistible funk groove featuring disco house beats and the coolest smoothest funk bass riff, the track is augmented by cool synth leads and soulful pads which flesh out the song and give it that grooviest of...

Love In The Summer

Composer: Dean Wagg
Funky electro pop with a hint of dance/trance. Built around an irresistible funk groove featuring disco house beats, a funky bass riff & luscious synth leads and pads, this is euphoric, uplifting & high energy. Great for commercials & advertisements products as has that real feel-good contemporar...

Life Uplifting

Composer: Dean Wagg
Happy & upbeat electro pop tune which also features grand piano & orchestra. Very euphoric, catchy & sunny. Great for commercials & advertisements products as has that real feel-good contemporary quality. Light memorable catchy & uplifting.

Digital Analogue Punk

Composer: Dean Wagg
Funky electro pop in the style of Daft Punk, Built around an irresistible funk groove featuring disco house beats, a funky bass riff & the unmistakable sound of a Fender Stratocaster electric guitar. Luscious synth leads and pads flesh out the song and make it the grooviest of the groovy.

Hip-Hop Ghost Rider

Composer: Dean Wagg
Dark driving brooding cool & sexy modern urban-soul hip-hop. Conveying drive, tension, purpose & determination. Sounds a little like 'No Church In The Wild' by Kanye West Jay-Z & Frank Ocean, with a menacing pounding groove, winding bass & urban strings. Really cool, menacing & sexy. Curtis Mayfiel...

Elastic Sexy Bass

Composer: Dean Wagg
Super cool, catchy, funky, double bass & cool hip-hop infused drum loop with finger clicks brings to mind super cool basketball players and sportsman on the court show-boating & doing their thing, like the Harlem Globetrotters. Would be fantastic for a TV commercial, & Works as TV movie theme, comme...

Superfly Funker

Composer: Dean Wagg
Super cool Super fly funk drenched hip-hop work out with funk guitars, flutes, Rhodes piano. Fender Jazz Bass and loops and beats. If you are looking for something strutty and old skool influenced this is for you! Even has octave synth warbles. I can imagine Huggy Bear cruising along to this one wit...

Funky Wicked Drummer

Composer: Dean Wagg
A super funky seventies James Brown style drum beat comes crashing in is joined by a walking funky bass line, then gradually guitars, synths, horns, orchestra etc. Sounds like a 70's Shaft style car chase but would work in a modern soundtrack and is very contemporary - sounds like music being used r...


Composer: Dean Wagg
The coolest funkiest retro hip-hop you are likely to hear - lad-back groove with sampled guitar, grooving James Brown style loops & beats, synths, Hammond organ & turntable sctratches. Reminds me of the sixties & seventies but could also be a Jay-Z, Kanye or Frank Ocean track. Super sexy, funky & co...
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