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Rock Guitar Hero

A refreshing real rock guitar with the rawest sound. Earth-shaking riffs inspired by classic rock and roll legends. This is what would have happened if The Rolling Stones and Guns N' Roses got to jam together. The aggression and intensity created by overdriven guitar parts will electrify your projec...

SPEED KING (Rock Oldies)

Classic Rock with an oldies feeling. Kind of hard rock Beach Boys … Rock fun!

ROCK TRAIN (Rock Boogie)

Fast rock oldies with high energy & fun. Kind of excited boogie rock.

COUNTRY HOUSE (Classic Rock)

Classic Rock blues with fun energy and groove. Simple, Catchy and dynamic.

Im Over You Flunky

Medicine for the heartbroken, this classic rock/country/punk/indie tune slowly builds to an upliftingly bouncy, catchy chorus. Led by a cranked up electric guitar with a 60's vibe, a melodic bass line and mellow vocals, this is the ultimate breakup song - "I KNOW I'm over you now." Male Vocals, Rock...

Heaven Wont Hold Me

A hauntingly beautiful, slow blues rock song with country and folk inflections. Led by a shimmering, tremolo slide guitar, heart warming hammond and sung with melancholic tenderness. Ideal for portraying a sense of isolation or acute loneliness. Death bed or funeral scene? Male Vocals, Rock, Blues R...
Yann Keerim
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