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Celtic Romantic Soundtrack

A gorgeous, emotional orchestral composition featuring passionate Celtic-styled performances on solo cello and solo violin, accompanied in the climactic parts by the Uilleann Pipes, which is a signature Celtic sound you will be familiar with from some of the all-time greatest film soundtracks. Other...

Romantic Soundtrack

Like a classic movie film theme, this gorgeous soundtrack starts gently and evolves into some spine tingling moments of joy and release.

Retro Classic Rock

Classic rock instrumental, conjuring the 70s sound of bands like Black Sabbath, Led Zeppelin, Wolfmother and AC/DC. Killer 70s-style drum fills and raw guitar riffs; a simple meat-and-potatoes style from another era.

Wedding String Quartet

This elegant, romantic classical-styled string quartet composition features pristine cello, viola and violin recordings and evokes the majesty and ceremonial march of well-known pieces like Pachelbel’s Canon or The Four Seasons by Vivaldi.

Delicate Romantic Piano

Please relax and enjoy this gorgeous delicate piano solo. The romantic classical-inspired melody has a sense of timelessness and luxury. Perfect for advertising luxury and refined products, such as wine, restaurants, holidays, fine cars etc. Also perfect for a dramatic scene of introspection, ref...

Dark Electronic Suspense

A pulsing electronic instrumental with a driving kick drum beat which is perfectly suited to late night, action-oriented, suspenseful, technological metropolitan imagery, whether it is a dystopian future with a chase sequence or a cool car video!

Tension Electronic Pulse

A pulsing electronic instrumental with a driving kick drum beat which is perfectly suited to late night, action-oriented, suspenseful, technological metropolitan imagery, whether it is a dystopian future with a chase sequence or a cool car video.

Motor Sports Rock

A high energy rock instrumental that captures the excitement and energy of car racing, action sports, and competition. A high-octane thrill ride full of memorable guitar riffs and pounding drums.

Inspiring Soundtrack Theme

This is the stirring, epic call to courage and bravery from some epic blockbuster or Western! Just imagine the scene where the hero returns to his loved ones victorious, as each flowing section of this gorgeous composition bursts forth in added emotions and passion.

Stirring Soundtrack

A majestic, slowly building piano and orchestra composition that recalls the classic emotional scenes in a widescreen blockbuster. Stirring melodies and interweaving strings convey mature and uplifting emotions.

Atmospheric Pop Background

Peaceful and Beautiful Music with nice warm space. Light beat with gentle atmospheric swellings pads build a delicious and colorful atmosphere. Very romantic, relaxing and sentimental track will be perfect background for any proper events. Wonderful music for Video, Media, Multimedia, Commercials, A...

Russian Drama

Dramatic cinematic background music track in russian ethnic style. Perfect for your travel, military, films, videos and media projects.

Happy Uplifting Upbeat Ukulele

This is Positive, Joyful, Uplifting, Inspiring, Children's, Summer, Happy, Optimistic, Acoustic, Dynamic, Light, Catchy, Bright and Bouncy Music with Carefree and Youthful atmosphere. Perfect background audio for any Video, Media, YouTube, Radio, Promo, Presentations, Commercials, Advertising and ot...

Crystalline (Trailer)

An intense, epic trailer type music track. Perfect for a film or TV Trailer for an action, sci-fi, war or high adventure. Heavy synth, guitars and dramatic drums make this a perfect piece for a dark scene, tension or fear. Great for advertising high performance cars or sports action. Dramatic choir.

Triumphant (Orchestral)

Big, bombastic track painting a picture of a King's court in medieval times. Big brass gives a feel of power and grandeur. Equally at home depicting a battle scene or power that comes with the corporate world. Great for advertising where a feel of dominance or dominion needs to be portrayed.

Raid (War Score)

A dramatic, building track perfect for a war scene or opening credits. Orchestral + electronic hybrid for Great for sports, advertising, corporate & medical. A slow, tense build-up leads to full on bombastic drums with a little air at 1:50 with a build at 2:30 through to a big climatic choir finish.

Happy Upbeat (Full Mix)

Positive sunshine acoustic pop song with an catchy piano melodie, groovy acoustic guitars and an exciting, lively beat. Great for advertising, presentation, start up presentation, health, corporate movies and happy moments.

Full Of Magic (Full Mix)

Lovely, mellow film music with floating, shining pads, ethnic flutes, soft chimes and an wonderful female vocal. Great athmospheric track for film, backgroundmusic, nature, documentaries, presentation, romantic scenes, reflective moments and many more.
Yann Keerim
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