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Acoustic Piano and orchestral Strings creates epic,cinematic sound. Simple,beautiful piano riff is repeated through entire song as main theme. Strings supports harmony and counter line. Some orchestral percussion reinforce the wide cinematic sound.

Happy Advertisement Loop

"8seconds of Latin influenced music for advertisement background. Perfect to set fun,happy,cheerful feel.Best fits to kids music Simple piano and Electric guitar riff are main instruments Afro Percussion and another Electric guitar stroke creates Lain groove. "

Bracing Corp

"Bracing Corp"is motivational, inspirational corporate music that is consisted with heartwarming musical bed of,Piano Synth Pad, Bass and Fat floor Kicks. Glockenspiel and Piano plays bright and bracing melody.This track should fit to uplifting, positive corporate projects.

Striving To Success

This is motivational corporate upbeat track with business and uplifting atmosphere. Perfect background audio for any Video, Media, TV, Radio, YouTube, Promo, Presentations, Slide-Shows and other different Multimedia Projects.

Days Of Remembrance

Reflective, delicate classical piece with orchestra and choir.

Choral Occasion

Short, elegant orchestral piece, suitable for stinger, logo or ID spot.

Charming Knight

Elegant, sophisticated classical piece with charming orchestral arrangements.

Calming Moment

Peaceful, delicate orchestral piece with reflective, melancholic atmosphere.

Becoming An Angel

Epic, celebratory orchestral piece with angelic atmosphere.

Beautiful Silence

Romantic, sentimental piece performed beautifully on grand piano.

First Noel Chamber Orchestra

"First Noel Chamber Orchestra""is a arrangement of Traditional Christmas carol ""First Noel ". Acoustic Piano and celesta Plays solemn melody.Harp takes supporting roles for both melody and harmony.At the end,Violin,Flute and brass section come in for adding expanse to the orchestration. "

Inspirational Piano

This is beautiful and inspiring Piano music. Nylon Guitar,Bass,Drums some orchestral percussion and synth pad support the groove and romantic feel.

Deck The Halls Chamber Orchestra

”Deck the Halls Chamber Orchestra” is an arrangement of the most well known Christmas song “Deck the Halls”. It is a chamber orchestra style. The combination of Pizzicato Strings,Glockenspiel and Marimba clarify that “it’s a Xmas time!” A classic sleigh bells is used to keep the music ...
Yann Keerim
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