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Winning In Life

This is the track to play to celebrate extreme success or pair with party content. Highly energetic and fast dance background track. With happy, and fun uplifting dance melodies played by slightly distorted synth lines. Backed up with layered intensive bass lines and beat. Use this for extreme sport...

Dramatic Action Sport Rock

Powerful and aggressive rock sports track featuring heavy piked bass, epic stomps and claps and bright lead harmonic distorted guitars. This track will give your project an energetic and powerful mood. Perfect for advertising, commercials, travel, extreme sport, GoPro, YouTube, slideshows, cross-fit...

Alternative Powerful Hard Rock

A powerful, strong, bold alternative hard rock will warm the blood and give warmth! Guitar Distortion and bass guitar overdrive create power and strong sound! Ideal for sports videos, extreme sports, driving, fashion, highlights, dynamic videos, motorcycles, bicycles, construction, boxing, present...

Sport Motivational Rock

Hard and energetic upbeat indie rock track with catchy, agressive guitar riff. Excellent choise for motivational, extreme and sport videos, games, backgrounds, films, youtube, tv advertisements, action movies, trailers, commercials and visuals.

Cinematic Dramatic Trailer

Cinematic dramatic trailer track perfect choice for any tv, youtube, games or film media included energetic motion graphics, gorpo videos, extreme sports, fight, war, adventures or travel.

Brutal Heavy Electro

A brutal, powerful royalty free electro tune with hard beats, edgy synths, heavy pads and an ominous bass, best for extreme sports, GoPro or action contents.

Epic Stomp Percussion

A lot of percussion in Epic Stomp Percussion track. Huge, epic, groove and drive you can hear here. This track is best suited for typography, fun commercials, innovative corporate, action trailers, movie, teasers and any creative projects.

Cinematic Funk

It`s funky and driving composition with epic orchestra. Groovy drums, bright brass section, guitars and huge orchestra. Best for moving scenes in cinema, entertainment videos, sport and technology media projects.

Heavy Sports Rock

achievement, action, advertising, bright, cars, catchy, commercial, cool, drive, driving, electric guitar, energetic, energy, extreme, hard, intro, modern, motivational, power, powerful, race, rock, sport, strong, stylish, teaser, trailer

Fun and Funky Ident 3

Funky wah-wah modern guitars and groovy hip-hop drums makes creative and fun flow in this ident. Suitable for radio and TV shows about innovations, entertaining, fun and reality. Good for any kind of promo and advertising where needed feeling of motion, drive, happiness and good living.

Epic Percussion Drums

It`s huge percussion drums track with powerful energetic groove. You can hear a lot of big and small drums, different percussion from around the world. This music is perfect for cinematic trailers, commercial text motion picture, slideshows, event promo, youtube intro and action video game streams.

Epic Drums

Epic Drums made for sport action and for heroic cinematic projects. You can hear all kind of drums from big drums and roto drums to percussion and shakers.

Sports Rock Trailer

Powerful and energetic rock sports track featuring aggressive bass, charging rock drum, epic stomps, claps, and bright lead guitars. This track will give your project an energetic and powerful mood. Perfect for advertising, commercials, travel, extreme sport, GoPro, YouTube, slideshows, sports video...
Yann Keerim
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