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Art Metal

Powerful, energetic, strong, aggressive and catchy track in the style of heavy metal and hard rock. Perfect for video about sports, extreme, cars, race, fighting, wrestling shows and other action media projects. Featuring instruments: electric guitars, bass guitar, keys and drums.

Extreme Sports Rock

"Extreme Sports Rock" is heavy,motivational.workout type music.heavy riff of distorted guitar is the main factor.profound drums and bass track supports strong groove.


This is powerful, energetic, driving, extreme and loud breakbeat hardcore. A lot of guitar riffs variations. Sound is very tough and extreme. Used instruments: Electric guitar, bass, drums, synth sounds. Will be perfect for action, extreme, sports , racing or fighting videos, games, films.

Summer Vibes (5 Versions)

A trendy hit electro-pop tune with a fresh and hip vibe. Great for stylish commercial, night club parties, hot fashion show, summer vacation, Youtube vlogs, lifestyle videos and more. File Content : 1. Full Track (1:35) 2. 60s Edit (1:02) 3. 30s Edit (0:36) 4. 15s Edit (0:23) 5. Long Loop (1:12) ...

Fast Growing Business (5 Versions)

Powerful, exciting & positive track with a strong motivational feeling, featuring electric guitars, piano, strings and energetic drums. This epic track expresses success, optimism, and dedication – an ?excellent choice for corporate promotional videos, training videos, business presentations, pr...

Action and Sport Rock (5 Versions)

Powerful and energetic rock track with an intense and heavy feel, featuring a strong electric guitar riff, electronic motives, bass, drums and uplifting ‘Hey’ style vocals. File Content : 1. Full Track (2:11) 2. 60s Edit (1:08) 3. 30s Edit (0:33 ) 4. 15s Edit (0:20) 5. Long Loop (2:00) Enjoy!

Epic Park

Serious tense and ominous orchestral film soundtrack track that develops in to dark mean conflict-laden and tense high-tech soundtrack. Featuring a full orchestral sound over electronic and industrial drum tracks. Suitable for warfare conflict chase sports action extreme sports. Not for the faint-he...

Brutal Beat

Brutal, and tech heavy sound.with mechanical synthesizer arpeggio. Modern and aggressive music. This should fit to any movies which needs excitement and tension,like battle scene,extreme sports and so on

Aggressive Scream Rock

Aggressive and energetic powerful rock music track. Perfect for video production, background music, YouTube channel and more!

Big Epic Hip Hop

A powerful, aggressive and heroic hip hop track, based on repetitive strings and energetic electronic drums.

Innovation and Technology (3 Versions)

"Innovation and Technology” is an energetic and uplifting electronic track featuring an innovative synth tune, strong electro beat and futuristic sound. Recommended usages : promotional media, uplifting marketing videos, corporate motivational videos, projects related to modern lifestyle, ...


Energetic Dance Track with powerful synths, licking drums and exciting anthem synths. Great for racing, sport, technology, lifestyle and youth.
Yann Keerim
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