Kids, Children, Cartoon Royalty Free Music

Playful and funny Cartoon, Kids and Children Royalty Free Music. Perfect songs for videos or presentations with a upbeat vibe for a younger audience.  .

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Chromatic Twist

Composer: Paul Werner
This intime solo piano featuring a classical touch surprises with an unforeseen twist.

The Wheels On The Bus

Classic nursery rhyme "The Wheels On The Bus" translated into a sweet and innocent orchestral arrangement. Perfect for children's videos or games.

Twinkle Little Star Lullaby

The classic Nursery Rhyme, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star arranged as a music box lullaby. Perfect for children's videos or games.

Itsy Bitsy Spider Orchestra

Classic nursery rhyme "Incy Wincy Spider" translated into a sweet and innocent orchestral arrangement. Perfect for children's videos or games.

Dragon Cave (Loop)

Composer: Michael Adels
Background track with dragon noise and stalactite cave atmosphere. Perfect song for kids games.

Stars (Loop)

Composer: Michael Adels
Atmospheric track that makes every little star visible :) Perfect song for kids games.

Learning For Life (Loop)

Composer: Michael Adels
Friendly and cute song with a light feeling. Perfect song for kids games.


Positive and uplifting motivational track. Perfect for motivational and corporate projects, commercials, presentations!

Twinkle Like a Star

Composer: Catherine Mcgeachy
An energetic, twinkling track full of movement and fun, this electronic track is perfect for children of all ages.

Child in the Sun

Composer: Gentle Jammers
Inspiring, sweet and uplifting piece of music, featuring warm synth pad, glockenspiel, acoustic piano, guitar.

Funny Days

Composer: Michael Adels
Easy and light song with piano, acoustic guitars, glockenspiel and organ. Friendly mood for many successful projects.


Composer: Michael Adels
Very easygoing song with straight acoustic guitar, charango, ukulele, glockenspiel and a whistler. Brings that innocent and natural feeling in every project.

Nodd Along

Composer: Bertrand Tan C H
Jingle, Repetitive, Easy Loop, Suitable for most commercials. Positive and Happy vibes. Good for cartoons and kids too.

Animation Ready

Composer: Paul Werner
Almost comedic this short song describes the change of mind from bored to enthusiastic. Featuring brass, piano, contrabass and percussion.

Quirky Smile Strings

Composer: Jake Schneider
A cute, quirky and fun cinematic track with an uplifting and innocent vibe. Including funny pauses. An ideal track suitable for fun commercials, comedy, advertising, light-hearted happy family videos, children’s videos, animation, CGI (think Pixar and DreamWorks), cartoon videos, film projects, Y...

Magical Cinematic Fantasy

Composer: Alehey Kukhianidze
This inspirational and magical orchestral royalty free fantasy soundtrack will be perfect as a background music for advertisement, fantasy film, children’s animation, cartoons, fantastic videos, intros, titles, you tube videos, documentary, nature and more. Its emotional and hopeful atmosphere wil...

Happy Ukulele Children Party

Composer: Marc Corominas
Instrumental music made for ukulele, piano and guitars. The style is very close to world and children music, and the mood is fun and very positive. The rhythm is semi fast, happy and lively. This music fits perfect for fun and children topics in advertising, films and other productions with similar ...

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