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A Successful Company

Instrumental acoustic pop music made for aocustic guitars, piano, strings, glockenspiel and electric guitar, ideal for commercials and corporate productions. Also great for happy and upbeat situations in Films and Tv Series.

Indie Calm Acoustic Pop I See You

Lovely track about love and care. Acoustic guitars, ukulele, shakers, piano, bass and a nice cello for you! Fit for family videos, slideshows, travel vlogs, picnic holiday trip videos and much more! Enjoy the love.

Uplifting Acoustic Motivational

Inspirational and motivational, uplifting and upbeat music track featuring warm acoustic piano, pluck guitars, realistic mandolin, electric bass, and nice catchy bell tune. In the style of Americana, acoustic pop and corporate inspiring. The beautiful melodies will evoke feelings of joy and cheer. T...

Motivational Christmas Carol

Uplifting and motivational, sweet and happy music track featuring Acoustic Guitars, sleigh bells, elegant piano, soft percussions, electric bass, a cello, a choir and a nice catchy tune. In the style of corporate motivational music, uplifting/seasona;. Special for Christmas, nature and sunny inspiri...

Inspiring Acoustic I Remember

Inspiring and motivational, Carefree and happy music track featuring Acoustic Guitars, Electric Guitars, elegant piano, Soft Pop drums, electric bass, and nice catchy tune. In the style of corporate motivational music, uplifting/childish. Special for animals, nature and sunny inspiring projects. The...

Happy Life Fun

High energy indie pop type track featuring driving beat, upbeat acoustic guitar, catchy synth melodies, warm pads and lively percussion. Evokes feelings of happiness, optimism and joy. Perfect for advertising, commercials, background, presentations, vlogs, podcasts, film, YouTube, promos and more.

The Right Choice

Motivate and inspire your clients and your colleagues with this uplifting and motivational background music. Happy and joyful melodic guitars, piano, and synths with a strong driving beat. Raise the vibrations of your passion and send your audience soaring on the wings of positive energy.

The Good Vibes

A happy upbeat and cheerful acoustic pop song with inspirational guitars and pianos, positive lively drums and bass with joyful melodies and bright sparkling percussion. This song will captivate and lift the spirits of your audience.

Groovy Retro 60s Lounge Funk

A very groovy retro 60’s lounge vibe with psychedelic guitar lines, far out organs, and hip shakin’ soul jazz drums. With a hypnotic laid back funk feel typical of the grooviest decade in history!

Old Wagon Wheel

Old Wagon Wheel takes us on a sunset trip down a dusty old dirt track many moons ago. A classic rambling old country song. With Folk guitars, upright bass, slide guitar, banjo, a steady train like beat on the drums, and a sweet melody played on the piano.

Fall with Me

A happy sentimental country/pop tune with inspiring acoustic guitars, piano and electric piano. Soft percussion and a warm bed of strings underneath.

Easy Life

haunting, dark, foreboding, sad, piano, ethereal, gothic, dystopia, covid, coronavirus, end times, suspense, pessimistic, stings, orchestral, cinematic

Bright Ideas

A happy uplifting song with inspirational piano melodies and heartwarming acoustic guitars. Supported by background orchestral strings, bass and sparkling percussion. Captivating emotions of love, optimism and hope to engage your audience in a positive way.

Breeze on Through

Captivate and inspire your audience with this happy uplifting acoustic track. Cheerful acoustic folk guitar and piano melodies with organic stomps, claps and shakers. A light summery vibe ready for any project with a positive optimistic theme.

You Care for Me

A tender, kind hearted, and romantic country ballad. With an organic sound, acoustic folk guitar, upright bass, Wurlitzer piano and soft brushes. Optimistic melody on the piano and beautiful sentimental harmonies.

Most Different LoFi

Most Different LoFi is Lo-Fi Chill Urban Hip Hop track ideals for your projects Downtempo, lounge, calm organic background music for presentations, promo, information, infographic projects, lobby and shopping background. Warm pads, acoustic instruments, mellow hip hop beat creates relaxing serenity ...
Yann Keerim
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