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Relaxing, mystical and inspirational ambient piano cue, with warm strings and beautiful, ethereal synths.

Optimist - Uplifting Instrumental - 60 seconds

A repetitive melodic idea is joined by a distorted guitar, strings and powerful drums to create a simple but uplifting track.

Without Time

A gentle piano track with a feeling of optimism and nostalgia.

Till The End of Summer

A fresh, dreamy and cheerful music track with a flowing, confident and sweet as honey melody, delicate but also dynamic character and hopeful positive and exciting vibe, featuring, ukulele, drumstick sound fx, strum, and arpeggio acoustic guitar, piano, glockenspiel, vibraphone, upbeat and happy cl...

Sea of Peace

A tranquil track with a sense of weightlessness and peace – perfect for anything needing a calm an peaceful feeling.

Chill Factor

Relaxing melodies and a groovy rhythm. Light and flowing mood with organic synth sounds. Some vinyl crackling adds analog warmth. Versatile track for many background applications.

Happy Acoustic Summer

A feelgood, fresh, positive, light, lively, hopeful, exciting and upbeat happy acoustic indie folk track with a catchy, confident, sensitive, flowing, lovely and sweet melody, uplifting, inspirational, heartwarming, laid-back and caring mood, delicate and optimistic character, featuring strumming an...

Romantic Bossa Nova (60 Sec)

An elegant uptempo Bossa Nova with acoustic guitar, piano and light percussion. Perfect as romantic, dreamy Latin background music for your project.

Romantic Bossa Nova

An elegant uptempo Bossa Nova with acoustic guitar, piano and light percussion. Perfect as romantic, dreamy Latin background music for your project.

Feelgood Whistling Upbeat Pop

An uplifting, motivational, summer, indie pop track, with an unforgettable, catchy and flowing whistling melody, calm, cheerful, unique and dreamy vibe, peaceful, celebratory and lively mood! The smooth and heartwarming atmosphere will take you back to sweet memories! The groove will make you move ...

Supreme Waltz (Piano and Orchestra)

Very emotional and romantic piece with beautifully performed piano and light orchestral backing. This track has a true sense of longing and passion, combined with feelings of hope and optimism. Great for scenes requiring classy, sentimental and elegant music.

Smooth Atmospheric Guitar

Dreamy, atmospheric guitar track with chilled electronic beat and ambient synth pads. Great for subtle, mellow background piece for a various of uses.

Smooth Atmospheric Guitar (Solo Guitar)

Relaxed solo guitar track with melancholic, dreamy feel. This atmospheric, tranquil piece is great as dreamy background track to add extra substance and ambience to your project.

Uplifting Atmospheric and Inspiring Corporate

Ambient, atmospheric, inspiring, upbeat and uplifting corporate background music with chill, confident and beautiful vibes and aura, motivational, energetic and dreamy feel, featuring electric guitar, acoustic guitar, piano, drums, hand claps, atmospheric pads, ’’Hey’’ vocal chants, electron...

Piano Inspirations

A touching, mellow and beautiful solo piano, with contemplative and sentimental mood and dreamy melody, makes the perfect mood for wedding videos, documentaries, slideshows, Valentine’s day videos, Romantic films, emotionally touching commercials and advertising, motivational corporate presentatio...

Cowboy Up

Cowboy Up (Inspiring Acoustic Folk Alternative Country) - Emotionally powerful, uplifting and highly motivated American Folk /Alternative Country track with an inspiring, sensitive and nostalgic melody, confident, caring and courageous character, featuring strumming and solo ukulele/ukelele, strummi...

A Beautiful Day

"A Beautiful Day" motivates you to start your day with the mood, the energy and the longing of a young child!! A dreamy and catchy melody which will fill your heart with joy and happiness and create an unbeatable, positive, serene and full of hope atmosphere. Turn up the volume, open the shutters, l...


When notes speak words… When hearts speak music… “Emotions” is a storytelling and breathtaking piece of music, with strong feelings, flowing and heartbreaking melody, touching but also hopeful and encouraging mood and passionate character. Instrument features emotional piano, cinematic st...
Yann Keerim
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