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Endless Possibilities (Inspired Dance Pop)

Prominent dance pop with a cheerful atmosphere, piano chords, pulsating pads, a subtle bass, SFX sounds and an easygoing beat. Great for club, party and lifestyle.

Hot Drive

Exciting-threatening film score with an aggressive atmosphere, powerful brass, atmospheric sounds, staccato strings and a cinematic beat. Ideal as film score and trailer music.

The Inspirational Horizon

Dramatic, monumental film score with an epic increase, hopeful strings, powerful brass and a modern beat. Ideal for big pictures and stirring movie scenes.

Fist In Your Face (Battle Metal)

Energetic, driving cinematic metal film music with fat guitar riffs, modern sounds and a powerful beat. Great energetic music for action and driving scenes or even for extreme-sport.

Easy Day (Positive Summer Ukulele Track)

Summery, positive corporate pop with a playful ukulele, cheerful guitars, light sounds, bass guitar and percussions. Conveys feelings of joy, holiday and sunshine!

Just Love (Instrumental Version)

Romantic-sounding composition with an emotional piano melody. Ideal for thoughtful and dreamy scenes.

Just Love

Romantic-sounding composition with an emotional piano melody and a dreamy female voice. Ideal for thoughtful and dreamy scenes.


Futuristic, gentle breakbeat with atmospherically-rhythmic synthesizers, Kalimbas and dubby voices in the background, modern sounds and a groovy beat. Great for games, industry films and technology.

No Rules For All

Cheerful punk rock with a positive atmosphere, playful guitars, percussions, humorous sounds and drums. Gives a good mood and summer feeling.

Technologic Presentation

Futuristic electro with atmospherically-rhythmic synthesizers, SFX sounds and a modern, deep beat. Great for games, industry films and technology.

Inspired and Successful

Thoughtful indie pop rock with acoustic guitars, atmospheric pads, a playful e-guitar and a gentle beat. Blithe, motivating and brimful of life.

Hark The Herald Angels Sing Female

Dreamy and evocative rendition of a holiday classic. Sung by a wispy, contemporary, pop female voice.
Yann Keerim