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Frank Schlimbach began his career as a freelancer in his own studio in South Germany, and after composing over 150 songs, stepped into the Trailer world by writing edgier, more vibrant trailer music. Subsequently, his work evolved into more TV music, soundtracks, and scores using Dramatic, Melancholic, and Classical genres. Frank composed custom trailer cues for "Halloween 2018," "Goosebumps 2," "The Shining 2," " IT 2 " and other well-known movies. His extraordinary sound design and synth sounds offer a world of depth to his music.
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Arctic Waves

Deep emotional piano and string music in the style of Ludovico Einaudi. Emotional final with female voice from Merethe Soltvedt. Great for underscore scenes like love, romance, heartbreak, leaving and decision making.

In The End

Super melodic, epic orchestral trailer music with piano, strings, drums and choir. Very memorable melody for adventure and fantasy movies and pc game underscore.

In Your Mind

Dark, pulsing sound design music with distant voices, risers and epic hits. Great for science fiction trailer, opener and intro. Also usable for pc game underscore. Big epic, intense, powerful final.

In The Line Of Fire

Dark, underscore music with sound design, piano, reversed fx and distant noises. Great for thriller, crime and horror scenes, also awesome for dramatic, melancholic moments like leaving, loneliness and even death.


Atmospheric piano music with female vocals for underscoring deep emotional scenes like goodbye, leaving, thinking and even death. Distorted guitars in the final in the style like Lacrimosa, very gothic and sacred.

If I Would Be Good

Emotional, dramatic piano and string music for underscoring scenes like decision making, thinking, leaving and other emotional moments.

Shadow And Light

Emotional, orchestral music for big pictures like adventure, fantasy and great moments in sports. With string, brass and percussion building a hopeful mood.

Breaking News Trailer

Driving, orchestral breaking news trailer with strings, brass and percussion. Great for opener and intro for tv news shows and investigative underscore.

Ambient Mystery

Super ambient, atmospheric music for background, relaxing, thinking, decision making scenes.

House Of Theodon

Dark, atmospheric orchestral music with super low strings, bells, slow build up and super forceful, intense, epic final ! Great for science fiction, action, battle, adventure and fantasy trailer, opener and intro.

House Of Gimli

Hart hitting science fiction, action trailer music with sound design, impacts, low basses. Great for intro, opener and trailers.

House Of Faramir

Dark, atmospheric sound design track with massive impacts and super low downers. Powerful, driving drums for trailers, intros and openers ! Great for battle, pc games, adventure and science fiction.

House Of Boromir

Hart hitting trailer music for science fiction and action sports. Also great for trailers, intros and openers !
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