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JAS Music is a music composition service providing new and contemporary productions to fit corporate commercials, films, advertising/marketing videos, media projects, radio stations, video games and more or less any venture that requires original music to a screen! I specialise in writing high quality original music in a multitude of genres and styles ranging from; rock/indie/soul flavoured guitar tracks, light and happy Ukulele-based music to epic cinematic orchestral arrangements for film projects, electronic and synth-based pop tracks, festive holiday jingles (e.g. Christmas) and much more.

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Indie Funk Synth Pop

Composer: Jake Schneider
A stylish, chilled and funky synth pop track with a cool groove! Perfect for background music, commercials, advertising, inspiring and motivational videos, corporate videos, presentations, slideshows, photo montages, summer videos, holiday videos, adventures, surfing, beaches, fashion, night life, ...

We Wish You A Merry Christmas Vocal

The traditional Christmas carol 'We Wish You A Merry Christmas', arranged as a vocal acapella track, in 3/4 timing. I sang all five vocal harmonies. Ideal for Christmas videos (corporate and non-commercial), Christmas film/media projects, TV and radio advertising, seasonal holiday videos, marketing...

Country Rock Highway

Composer: Jake Schneider
A driving, feel good country rock track featuring acoustic guitars, electric guitars, bass, drums and hand claps. Perfect for TV, commercials, films, radio, podcasts, comedy, cars, motorbikes, highways/motorways, southern america, outback, campfires, desert, beer, american food, cowboys, YouTube vi...

Jingle Bells Emotional

The traditional Christmas song 'Jingle Bells', arranged as a mellow, emotional symphonic piece. Ideal for Christmas videos (corporate and non-commercial), Christmas parties, film/media projects, TV and radio advertising, holiday videos, marketing videos, YouTube videos, family/life videos, games an...

Happy Christmas Jingle

Composer: Jake Schneider
Very happy, very jolly and very Christmassy! A jingle jangle Christmas song perfect for your snowy holiday media projects. Great for TV, advertising, radio, YouTube/Facebook/Instagram intros and videos, radio, Christmas videos, holidays and much more. Featuring sleigh bells, glockenspiel, celeste...

Happy Halloween

Composer: Jake Schneider
Spooktacular, ghoulish, magical and whimsical Halloween background music! Perfect for Halloween videos, YouTube/Facebook/Instagram videos, commercials, advertising, films, games and much more. Bassoon, celeste, glockenspiel, staccato strings, pizzicato strings, double bass, cymbals, whurly and mag...

The Funky Disco

Composer: Jake Schneider
A fresh and funky disco track with a 70's pop vibe! Perfect for background music, night life, party, dancing/clubbing videos, commercials, advertising, corporate videos, presentations, slideshows, photo montages summer videos, holiday videos, adventures, surfing, beaches, fashion, suave, sophistica...

Penthouse Swing

Composer: Jake Schneider
A playful, quirky and sophisticated jazz track with a natural swing to it. An ideal track suitable for fun commercials, suave or sensual advertising, fashion, smart tuxedos and casinos, apartment/penthouse commercials, films, YouTube bloggers, Facebook/Instagram videos, video games, applications, a...

Uplifting Light Inspiring Strings

Composer: Jake Schneider
A happy, hopeful and light background music track with an uplifting commercial vibe. An ideal track suitable for corporate inspirational/motivational videos, happy family videos, children’s videos, cinematic film projects, YouTube bloggers, Facebook/Instagram videos, films, commercials, adverti...

The Cinematic Magic

Composer: Jake Schneider
'The Cinematic Magic' is a happy, playful and magical orchestral track for uplifting media projects. A perfect track suitable for children’s films, light comedies, adventure video games, cinematic film projects, happy family videos. Picture scenes of friendly neighborhood, whimsical kids, sunny d...

Road Rock America

Composer: Jake Schneider
A driving, road riding, upbeat Americana rock track featuring massive guitars, meaty bass line and hard rock drums! Inspired by old school, 70's classic rock bands. Perfect for advertising, commercials, TV-shows, movie trailers, films, action/car scenes, motivational videos, sport videos, YouTube v...

Sweet Childrens Lullaby

Composer: Jake Schneider
A sweet, simple and soothing baby lullaby with a calm celeste and music box sound. Perfect to be played for little children. Also can be used in baby projects, baby videos, children related animations, children TV shows, games, films, cartoons.

Funky Riff Breakbeat

Composer: Jake Schneider
'Funky Riff Breakbeat' is a stylish, groovy, fun and upbeat funk track! Perfect for TV or radio adverts, corporate videos, commercials, motivational videos, fun videos, cool and suave videos, heist films, spy films, sports, action, podcasts, funny videos, YouTube videos, positive videos, and much m...

Emotional Rock Inspiration

Composer: Jake Schneider
An inspiring pop rock track with an emotional, triumphant feel. The verses have a softer dynamic which contrast well with the anthemic chorus. Perfect for success stories, motivational speeches, inspirational videos, films, time lapse videos, commercials, corporate/business projects, movie traile...

Power Drive Rock

Composer: Jake Schneider
A strong, powerful hard rock track with big stomps! This track is perfect for action scenes/videos, fight scenes, cars, motorbikes, racing, stylish, cool and suave commercials, motivational videos, gym workouts, sport videos, GoPro videos, extreme sports/stunts, rock trailers, rock documentaries an...

Light Ukulele Acoustic Morning

Composer: Jake Schneider
An acoustic ukulele song that will give a breath of fresh morning air to your uplifting media projects! Perfect for spring and summer videos, Also family videos, business and travel videos, corporate and motivational commercials, advertising, background music, TV, radio, films, viral marketing, c...

Indie Pop Summer Vibes

Composer: Jake Schneider
A feel good, fresh and funky indie pop track with dance vibes! Perfect for background music, summer videos, holiday videos, adventures, surfing, beaches, fashion, night life, party, dancing/clubbing videos, commercials, advertising, corporate videos, presentations, slideshows, photo montages and mu...

Melancholy Mood Piano

Composer: Jake Schneider
An emotional and beautiful cinematic piano track. This piece evokes a sentimental and melancholic feel. Perfect for cinematic projects, coming of age dramas, documentaries, corporate videos, inspiring videos, films, weddings, charity videos, beautiful scenery, photo montages, homecoming and farew...

Indie Rock Time!

Composer: Jake Schneider
An upbeat, uplifting and positive indie rock track with a feel good vibe! Perfect for happy commercials, corporate videos, parties, TV, films, radio, podcasts, rock trailers, cars, racing, action scenes/videos, sport videos, GoPro videos, stylish, motivational videos, YouTube/Instagram/Facebook v...

Inspirational Success Story

Composer: Jake Schneider
An inspirational and motivational piece evoking positivity and strength. Perfect for success story videos, motivational speeches, corporate/business videos, commercials, YouTube/Facebook/Instagram videos, marketing, startup videos, product launching, technology/app promos, TV programmes, films, pho...

Corporate Pop

Composer: Jake Schneider
An uplifting and triumphant corporate pop track for inspiring and motivational media projects. Also very suitable for background music for motivational speeches, YouTube intros, Facebook and Instagram videos, corporate/business videos, commercials, marketing, startup videos,success story videos, pr...
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