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Hilarious Kids

It is a hilarious, fun, enjoyable, upbeat, cheerful, happy, playful, lovely, and bright track. Perfect for happy advertisements, young child or animals projects, educational videos, animation, games, YouTube, and more. The main instrument used is the recorder, whistle, ukulele and marimba

Fun Upbeat Kids

Driving and Quirky Positive Acoustic track for your project! It features whistling, claps, acoustic guitar, ukulele and percussion. Perfect for commercial, advertisement, youtube, kids and animals videos, cooking and any other background. Enjoy!

Lovely Comical Kids

It is a happy, lovely, pretty, cute, funny, enjoyable, upbeat, pleasant, playful, bright and positive track. Perfect for lovely advertisements, kids or animals projects, educational videos, animation, games, YouTube, etc. The main instruments used are whistle, marimba, accordion and ukulele.

Careless Whistle

Bright and catchy carefree track for your commercial, advertisement, podcast, blog, video, you name it! Featuring ukulele, whistle, drums and mallets it brings a great vibe for you to enjoy. Good day!

Kids Cheerful Ukulele Rock Pop

It is a cheerful, lively, playful, fun, uplifting, bright, enjoyable, upbeat, exhilarating, lovely, positive and comical track. Perfect for happy kids projects, advertising, commercial, promotional video, etc. The main instruments are whistle, ukulele, organ and vibraphone.

Your Hilarious Ways

This is a happy and bubbly track that features an acoustic guitar, piano, celesta, human whistle and light brushed drums. Perfect for children’s films or theme shows, cartoons, light comedies, and more. Track total time is 1:00.
Yann Keerim
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