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ladder to the sky

An inspiring and uplifting melody with a contemplative mood is driven by powerful breakbeats and synths mixed with organic elements like acoustic guitar and piano. instrumental, breakbeat, progressive, acoustic guitar, contemplative, piano Electronic Dance

just hold on (feat jillian aversa)

Medium tempo vocal trance with a very organic soundscape combined with synthetic sounds. The multi-layered chorus is preceded by unique glitching and stuttering vocal FX. vocal, trance, club, processed, atmospheric Electronic Dance


Enter the realm of the microscopic. Includes a chippy, driving triplet beat with retro synths and a swelling, dynamic progression! Great for anything involving science and technology. instrumental, retro, chiptune, triplet, video game Electronic Video Game


You rule the streets! Gigantic, old-school beats, synths and horns with an edgy, confident mood. Picture a posse of tough guys who know they're just that cool. instrumental, big beat, old school, strings, trumpet Electronic Dance


Upbeat, driving breaks/big beat in the vein of Moby, Fatboy Slim and the Chemical Brothers. Funky EPs, huge bass, massive beats and synth solos add up to a lot of fun. instrumental, big beat, processed, cool, confident, sax, piano Electronic Dance

breathing you in (feat jillian goldin)

Powerful vocal trance with a massive hook, thunderous breakbeat percussion, atmospheric pads, huge breakdowns and assorted acoustic-organic instruments. vocal, trance, ethnic, breakbeat, epic Electronic Dance

studio 54

Airy, moody downtempo / breakbeat in 5/4 with a dark secret lurking throughout. Reality-warping breakdowns and a melancholy piano are the highlight elements. instrumental, dark, chaotic, 5/4, strings, piano Electronic Downtempo


Synth-funk with a driving, high-energy beat, jazzy chords, piano and synth solos and lots of modulation. An exciting blend of electronic beats with more advanced harmonies and progressions. instrumental, jazzy, electric piano, strings, disco Electronic Funk

black hole

Dark, ominous and atmospheric; this ambient composition can underscore any tense, brooding or dramatic scene that calls for a more subtle musical approach. instrumental, atmospheric, dark, droning Electronic Ambient

baroque virus

Inspired by classical remixes in rhythm games like Dance Dance Revolution. Orchestral elements and organ play alongside a serious dance beat! instrumental, strings, violin, organ Electronic Dance

standpipe valve

Hard-hitting, chippy, and blippy! This intense techno/breakbeat track uses thick beats, synths and distortion to create a confident and aggressive composition. instrumental, retro, hardcore, big beat Electronic Techno

cubic movement

Contemplative, groove-driven electronica designed to call to mind slow, methodical and complex movement. Especially good for abstract imagery, mathematics, technology and science. instrumental, abstract, electric guitar, atmospheric Electronic Downtempo

la isla del encanto

Come to the dance hall! Inspired by artists like Daddy Yankee and Sean Paul, this track features THE reggaeton drum beat, a huge bassline, organ, trumpets, synths, piano and everything else a good party song needs. The spirit of Puerto Rico is alive and well for any production that needs it! instrum...


Nu-skool progressive breakbeat a la BT, Hybrid, Way Out West and Ils. A dark, abstract mood is created by acidic, ominous synths, electric guitar chugs and complete structural breakdowns. instrumental, electric guitar, breakbeat, strings, progressive Electronic Techno

filthy nasty

Top 40 club hip hop modeled after artists like David Banner, Ying Yang Twins and Lil Jon. True to the crunk style with sub-happy drums, bass and an infectious hook. instrumental, party, snaps, gangsta Hip Hop Club

looking glass

Steady, downtempo chillout with a filtered electronic beat, airy pads, icy leads and constantly evolving harmonies. instrumental, atmospheric, subtle, droning Electronic Downtempo

without regret (interlude)

While brief, this melancholic piece explores the realm of the electronic and organic, mixing processed synth sounds with a hopeful acoustic piano melody. instrumental, driving, piano, processed, breakbeat Electronic Dance


Ultra high-energy big beat/breakbeat in the style of Prodigy, Chemical Brothers and Crystal Method! Excellent for action scenes, driving, clubs or anything that needs a confident and aggressive edge. instrumental, big beat, distorted, pumping Electronic Techno

dreams of cobalt

A dynamic, retro-inspired breakbeat track that starts out with minimal beats and electronic sounds, expanding gradually into a high-energy wall of rhythmic, harmonic and melodic textures! instrumental, breakbeat Electronic Video Game


Don't worry, be happy! Indian instruments like the sitar and tablas meld with a disco-esque beat and carefree melodic synth sounds for a very psychedelic mood. instrumental, sitar, world, ethnic, tabla, spacey Electronic World

clash of the titans

The ultimate battle for the future begins here. A climactic, powerful orchestral-electronic hybrid reminiscent of 'final boss' themes from video games, combined with some retro flavor. instrumental, strings, chaotic, driving, electric guitar Electronic Dramatic
Yann Keerim