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Melancholic, reflective, open ambient soundscape. After about a minute a solitary acoustic guitar joins and plays a few expressivenotes. Originally inspired by the touching re-union of two elderly men, war heroes who had not seen each other for50 years after fighting together during WW2, rememberin...


Revelation: Revealing a new idea or concept. Inauguration,excitement, technology. Keywords: Corporate, business, news, update, industry,industrial, company.. UK.

Secret Agent

A James Bond 007 or Mission Impossible inspired track using a blend of orchestral sounds, horn section andmodern breakbeat drums with electronic synth bass. Suitable for action, chase and any spy or undercover material. Keywords:funk funky police chase undercover conspiracy crime crimefighting fight...

Silent Visitor

Dark ambient track for underscore use in horror, sci-fi or thriller material. Few notes, occasional reverberant metallic percussion, single deepbass note, heavily processed guitar sound in the distance. Keywords: bass ambient dark darkness horror bleak scary spooky cellar basementunderground murder ...


A slick, cool and swirley electronica track with drum'n bass influences. Skewed chords swirl and slide underneathcrisp, uptempo drums and a dominant synth-bass. Free and soaring. Suitable for streetwise and cool footage, sportsand extreme sports, skydiving, hanggliding, skateboarding, skiing etc. as...

Skyline Stories

Ominous, epic soundtrack piece with an orchestral/electronic arrangement. Dark, foreboding, like dark tales from a city or sci-fi horror. Richon texture and melody with a sense of foreboding and tension. Keywords: dark horn horns strings cinematic movie film soundtrackscifi sci-fi horror orchestral ...

Slow and Serious

Slow and Serious: Corporate underscore musical bed. Slow technology pulse with anaire of importance, truth and serious business. Keywords: tv information news broadcaststock market stocks business update. UK.


Solnatt is a Norwegian word that means 'Night Sun' (roughly). Inspired by the northern midnight sun, this is a fragile and reflective piano piece, withhope and light mixed with melancholy. Highly suitable for use in film or other media or art, this track is somewhat inspired by the tenderfilm music ...

Space Precinct

Space Precinct: Techno-trance with the added dimension of crunchy rock guitar for extra bite and deptth. Synth bass groove anddriving techno drums, analogue synth sequences and soaring guitar notes. Highly suitable for any extreme sports, action, motor sports, racing,etc. Keywords: science spacey s...


Feel-good space rock track somewhere between electronic, rock and progressivemusic. Fairly mellow and highly melodic, like if you tookequal parts Pink Floyd, Tangerine Dream, Vangelis and Mike Oldfield.

Stellar Welcome

Powerful but friendly and inviting. Pulsating space-age theme. Keywords: corporatecompany uplifting positive bright outlook spacey space-age underscore business seriouswebsite stock markets tv update news broadcast commercial industry industrial

Sun Willow

Sun Willow: Warm, tender, calm, spiritual, soothing and romantic. Ambient relaxationmusic with piano, strings, acoustic guitar. Suitable for spa treatment, healing,reiki, yoga, pilates, nature, etc. UK.

Tactical Moves

Determined, serious underscore track for political thriller or drama. Slight military or SWAT team feeling, going through preparations, moving intoposition, or being chased. Moderate intensity, mix of deep, dark percussion with orchestral and electronic sounds. Keywords: thriller crime spyspies poli...

Taiko Triads

Taiko Triads: A dark and ominous piece with heavy use of the Taiko drumand japanese/chinese Gong. No melody, all percussion. Martial Arts, Japanese triads, dark, foreboding, military,historical, impending battle. Chase scene, etc. Full mix. UK.


Talisman: A blend of techno-trance and middle-eastern mysticism. The track opens with chanting and tabla, andbuilds to an electronic trance club anthem. Be sure to listen for a minute or so,as the main beat kicks in at around 50 secs. UK.
Yann Keerim