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sitcom style

An upbeat, light and friendly segue cue that is useful for those 'end of episode'or 'to be continued' scenarios. Easy-going vibe with a jangly electric guitar playing a simple,melodious tune over a rhythmic bed of piano, strings, bass and drums.

against the clock

Time is running out and the pressure is on to get it done inthis electrifying soundtrack that is full of adrenaline and energy. Driving strings, swelling brass,drums, percussion and SFX create a building rush of extreme urgency.

at ease

A smooth and steady, easygoing, acoustic guitar driven instrumental with a distinctivekeyboard sound playing the melody. An upbeat, friendly vibe that is righton target for romantic comedies, sitcoms, commercials or any feelgood media project.

uncertain outcome

An ominous low drone gives way to brooding dark string chords that slowly ascendand then dissolve into a questioning vocal phrase, evoking a feeling of unresolved mystery.An eerie and foreboding vibe that is dead-on for crime dramas and sci-fi.

catch my drift

Strong and confident, cool 90's alt-rock track with raw and aggressive gritty guitars,edgy drum sounds, electric bass, dark synth pads and an angst ridden, roughand ready, unpolished vibe. Ripe for scenes depicting emotional struggles and conflicts.

below the surface

A slow, brooding and atmospheric cinematic underscore that is perfect for implying a mysterioussubtext for a scene. A hypnotic harp pattern, high solitary piano notes washed inecho and low ominous strings set the mood for this somber soundtrack.


An intense, powerful and bombastic war-like march on steroids featuring exotic percussion,huge low strings, primal drums, gongs, electric guitars and orchestral choir. Goodfor scenes portraying aggressive images of warfare, conquest and battle.

boy meets

A soft and sensual pop-Jazz instrumental that is ideal for evoking a romanticambience full of anticipation. With a smooth, sexy synth melody, electric piano, guitars,warm flowing strings, bass and drums. Good for romance, fashion, catwalk and more.

drunken bar band

A mid-tempo, down and dirty, blues-rock track with a smoky saloon vibe that's off kilter.It sounds like this intoxicated band may have had one too many. With bluesy pianoand organ, rootsy slide guitar, harmonica, bass, drums and way too much booze.


A peaceful, calm musical tapestry featuring gentle woodwinds, lush ambient pads,hypnotic keyboard patterns and other sonic colours intertwining with contrasting melodiescreating a beautiful tranquil soundscape. Good for relaxation and meditation.


A fast-paced, adrenaline pumping, cinematic orchestral soundtrack with relentless pounding drums,shifting key changes, exciting racing string lines and intense swelling brasschords. Good for action, adventure, running, danger, suspense and more.

hopscotch and bubblegum

An easy going, carefree and playful childlike mood is created by acombination of woodwinds, percolating percussion rhythms, pizzicato cello and quirky unique slidingsounds. Good for lightly comedic situations and mischievous scenarios of all kinds.

jazz pizazz

An upbeat, fun and playful jazzy instrumental with a zippy little tune playedover a light and bouncy backdrop of bright and cheery synth sounds. Aquirky and innocent little ditty that is good for wholesome lighthearted productions.
Yann Keerim