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Royalty Free Music for Media - Stock Music Library
50,000 tracks online

License online stock music tracks for YouTube, Adverts, Apps, Podcasts, Films and all media worldwide. Purchase background music for videos - stop worrying about royalties. Just preview - buy and download production music.

  • What is Royalty free music?

    Royalty free music is an innovative, simple and affordable way to license music and legally use tracks in videos,apps, films, adverts, tv, radio, websites,games and other media worldwide. In contrast with the traditional music licensing system which could be extremely costly and complex, royalty free music helps people instantly download and use tracks in their works by paying a one off fee. Then, purchased tracks can be legally used in any production - in multiple products - for ever.

    As simple as that.

  • Free royalty free music

    Are you an advertising producer, or perhaps a video games developer? If the answer is yes you’ll most certainly be interested in what TMC Publishing has to offer. Finding a resource that provides all encompassing access to all manner of tracks and songs isn’t always easy, but here at TMC that’s exactly what we provide. For producers of all descriptions, we’re amongst the world’s finest providers of royalty free music clips and we’re also proud of the fact that we represent some of the most influential artists in the business. Everything about our outfit is high quality and regardless of how ‘off the wall’ you happen to think your request is, we’re pretty sure we’ll be able to source a track for you that fits the bill. With an impressive catalogue of over 20 000 tracks to choose from, you could say that we’re serious about the industry we’re involved in and it’s unlikely you’ll find a more comprehensive library elsewhere. And if you’re in a hurry to gain access to your chosen track, not to worry as everything is downloadable in an instant. If you want access to the finest facilities in the business, you need look no further.

  • Adding the finishing touch to documentaries

    Irrespective of whether you’re a producer who’s working on a natural history documentary or you’re involved in web design, having a quality soundtrack certainly adds that all important finishing touch to the project. And make no mistake, here at TMC Publishing we have an impressive library which is sure to house the track you have in mind. If perhaps you’re unsure as to whether a certain track is suitable or not, why not download a preview in lo-fi format and you’ll soon be able to hear whether it’s the right piece for you or not. As a business, we can’t stress enough the importance of choosing to buy royalty free music from a reputable source. Without question there are other outfits who have catalogues of tracks available, but it’s highly unlikely that their libraries will be as comprehensive as ours, or their customer support anywhere near as impressive. We truly care about the needs of our customers and this is in evidence throughout every level of our blue chip enterprise. Everything about us screams quality and this of course includes our WAV format downloads. Powerful tracks have the ability to make or break projects, so make sure you choose appropriately.

  • Designed with all manner of media in mind

    Looking for tracks that have been produced by some of the most respected media composers in the industry? If so, why not spare us a small amount of your time and take a look at our ever impressive catalogue. We truly believe that we have all genres covered, so regardless of whether you’re looking for an ambient piece to compliment a television advertisement, or an electronic track with enough power to accompany your independent film project, we’re happy to be of help. It can be something of a chore to find a source of cheap royalty free music for websites, but being as our clients have unlimited usage of the tracks they purchase (within the specified timeframe), it’s fair to assume the hunt has come to an end. Making those all important selections couldn’t be easier and we’ve designed the site so that navigating your way to the relevant tracks is an absolute joy. We know better than anyone just how much work goes into every genre of media productions and with this fact in mind we’ve created a resource which is state of the art in every respect. TMC Publishing will help you to keep those standards high.

  • An inspirational piece of work for your project

    When we’re asked who makes use of our services, it’s often easier to reply with a list of those who don’t! From directors to video art creators and record companies, in fact anyone who’s involved in media as a whole will find our extensive list of products and services particularly useful. From the legality point of view, purchasing tracks via our site makes things an absolute breeze. From day number one you’ll know exactly where you stand, in terms of licences and validity. And for anyone producing all manner of media projects, including documentaries and film, this is absolutely imperative. The beauty of music royalty free is that once you’ve made the initial payment all of your worries are over. Once you’ve purchased the soundtrack of your choice you’ll be entitled to download it in the ever dependable and high quality WAV format and the rest, as they say, is history. Our ultimate aim is to be as inspirational as the products that we sell and our continued success is testament to the fact that we must be providing a fair amount of inspiration in many different quarters. Downloading a piece of musical inspiration is only a step away.

  • From classic tracks to world soundtracks

    No one understands the industry we’re involved in quite like we do and you only have to take a look at our quality catalogue to confirm this to be the case. As a company, we shy away from making boastful claims that have no substance and everything we claim on our site is guaranteed to be correct and unbiased. Regardless of whether you’re a client who’s looking for an individual track, or you’re part of a large media enterprise that is in the market for a blanket licence, you’re sure to be pleased to have found us. It doesn’t matter how diverse the soundtrack is that you have in mind, from royalty free instrumental music, to something that conjures up images of the African savannah, our team of media composers rise to any challenge that’s presented to them. Obviously, with over 20 000 tracks on offer, we had to make sure that our online facility was user friendly and as anyone who’s used our services in the past will agree, finding the desired tracks really couldn’t be easier. First time users are astounded by how comprehensive our library actually is and make no mistake, it’s only going to get bigger!

  • Just like our tracks – the purchasing process is ultra smooth

    Just as finding suitable tracks for your media project is incredibly easy, so is paying for them! All you need is PayPal facilities or a recognised credit card and before you know it you’ll have those special pieces of musical genius downloaded onto your computer. As well as incidental pieces we also have an impressive selection of songs, which cover everything from jazz to country and a whole lot more besides. And for anyone who wants a preview into our wonderful media world, we’ve always got free royalty free music for prospective clients to listen to. For production companies of all descriptions, our comprehensive library is a dream come true and once producers have experienced what we’ve got to offer, it’s a sure fire bet that they’ll be back for more in the future. It really isn’t worth selling your production short with inferior soundtracks, especially when you can get your hands on the work of the finest media composers for such a modest outlay. Everything about our operation is as smooth as silk and that includes everything, from the ‘lounge’ inspired interludes, to the ordering and downloading of tracks. It’s time to give your production the accompaniment it deserves.

  • All you need from stock music

    The Musicase is an online stock music library that offers leading world class music for producers. The music at The Musicase is designed for professional users such as directors, advertisement producers, web-designers, television or radio stations, video art creators, music supervisors, and record companies including the tracks for mechanical reproduction for use in compilation CD’s. If you are looking for unique music for production for radio, TV and web advertising, the stock music library at The Musicase contains the inspirational, positive, uptempo, feel good productions that you will be interested in. You will be interested in the stock music library that TMC Publishing has to offer! For producers of all descriptions, among the world’s finest providers of royalty free music clips we are also proud of the fact that we represent some of the most influential artists in the business. Everything you find on our site is high quality regardless of how “off the wall” you might think your request is.

  • Stock music

    The stock music collection includes 45,000 production tracks and Sound FX. All downloads are available instantly in Full Quality WAV Format after purchase. Our Royalty Free Licenses authorize you to use our music for unlimited time periods in your productions. Whether you are working on a natural history documentary or work on web design, you need quality music to ass the important finishing tough to every project. The stock music library at TMC Publishing is an impressive collection that is sure to have the track you have in mind. We make it easy to make the right choice. If you aren’t sure, just download a preview in lo-fi format and you can hear whether it is the right choice or not. Having the stock music available to buy as royalty free sound from a reputable source is an important choice that you have available with The Musicase. We also provide impressive customer support! The high quality company and our services mean having access to powerful tracks that can make or break any project so that you make the right choice. Our stock music is the perfect source for tracks that have been produced by some of the most respected media composers in the industry.

  • Background music download

    Themusicase music library is your one stop online place to legally license music. All our tracks stand perfectly as background music for websites and for other multimedia music needs. If you are a video producer, feel free to pick up any of our royalty free soundtracks to cover your music for video needs. Licensing terms follow the buyout rule – you pay one to use our media music for ever. For flash production we have a dedicated flash music section and also for documentaries there is a rich music for films category. Thousands of producers from over 60 countries trust our stock music services whether they search for background music for web, music loops or even copyright free tracks such as classical hits for their next project. When you search online for royalty free music downloads, provides the highest value for money choice among best music libraries.