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Big Question

ID: 80025
Ori Vidislavski / Slow chords, ominous and serious, full orchestra. Good as underscore f...

Way of Escape

ID: 79960
Ferenc Hegedus / Orchestral action cue. Ominous, foreboding. Nervous tension builds int...

We Can Do It

ID: 79962
Ferenc Hegedus / A very uplifting, rousing and inspiring orchestral / film score type t...

Where God Dwells

ID: 79966
Ferenc Hegedus / A very touching and poignant orchestral piece. Emotional, spiritual, h...

Winter Dance

ID: 79972
Ferenc Hegedus / A slow, poignant and emotive, orchestral piece with a lush \'film scor...

Year of The Wizards

ID: 79976
Ferenc Hegedus / An eventful, lively and grand Adventure / Fantasy track with a sense o...

The Godfathers Posse

ID: 79926
Ferenc Hegedus / A tense, pensive underscore for a dramatic scene with an Italian or Si...

The Long Walk

ID: 79929
Ferenc Hegedus / Solemn and sorrowful. Orchestral strings, subtle brass and death bell,...

Time Lapse

ID: 79940
Ferenc Hegedus / An orchestral track that builds up from a quiet piano pulse, gradually...

Near Thing

ID: 79825
Ferenc Hegedus / A dark, rhythmic, orchestral track suitable for conflict, battle, chas...

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New Planet

ID: 79828
Ferenc Hegedus / A quirky, orchestral cinematic track. Somewhat dark, in a sort of twis...

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Nice Adventure

ID: 79829
Ferenc Hegedus / A soaring and happy orchestral piece, full of promise and grandeur. Li...

Nothing Is Impossible

ID: 79831
Ferenc Hegedus / This orchestral track illustrates determination and achievement. Perha...


ID: 79840
Ferenc Hegedus / Orchestra and choir combine with contemporary / rock style drums to cr...


ID: 79842
Ferenc Hegedus / A soaring, touching and emotional orchestral / film score type track. ...

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Pumpkin Army

ID: 79851
Ferenc Hegedus / A quirky, dark and staccato, almost broken-up piece of orchestral fant...

Rise and Shine

ID: 79858
Ferenc Hegedus / A hopeful, touching, inspiring track with ethnic / world elements. Not...

Rites of Heart

ID: 79859
Ferenc Hegedus / A soaring, touching and emotional orchestral / film score type track. ...

Shroud of Perseverance

ID: 79864
Ferenc Hegedus / A moderately excited, epic and rousing track featuring orchestra, perc...

Spirit of the Mountain

ID: 79873
Ferenc Hegedus / A grand and lush orchestral track with choir and big drums. Depicting ...

Magical Whirlwind

ID: 79530
Ferenc Hegedus / A busy, active, boisterous and somewhat playful orchestral / film scor...
Yann Keerim