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Driving Anywhere

Dinamic music, very organic with a flowing feeling. This music recorded on piano is forceful, positive, uplifting and optimistic and will be great for corporate projects

Feng Shui II

Piano music, very creative and fresh with easy listening melodies. Medium tempo, warm sound. Great for ambient, background music in video projects

A Hopeful Day

Romantic and sentimental piano music, very soft and warm. This music will fit well for love and touching situations. Quiet, mellow, slow instrumental music with warm acoustic sound

Ethnic Style

Acoustic music with piano and upright bass. Great music for background music, videos and other situations where a fresh, improvised, creative, dark jazzy music is required

Groovy Life

Groovy, funky, jazzy music track with piano and acoustic bass. Bass play a smooth groove and piano play cool melodies. Great music for positive, optimistic, playful and joyful situations

Happy Piano Duo

Happy piano music, swinging and joyful. This music will be great for positive projects. Easy listening, acoustic, instrumental, jazzy and light

Happy Vals

Sweet piano music in a vals mood. This music is easy listening, optimistic, positive and fresh. Great music for backgrounds in video productions and documentaries

Like Raindrops

Piano music like a water fall, repetitive, organic and powerful. Great music for movie scences, documentary projects and backgrounds in image, pictures slideshows

Peaceful and Mysterious

Piano music for deflected, pensive and reflective situations. This music is slow and soft and will fit well in dreamy, calm situations and climatic scenes

Please don\'t Cry

Sad piano music, great for nostalgic, romantic, lonely, broken heart situations. The track is sad but there is a little bit of hope in the second part of the track and in the ending too
Yann Keerim