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Dream Bell

There is something strangely reassuring and comforting about the completely random way in which rain drops fallon water, or wind chimes play in the wind. This aural painting aims to capture that unpredictable,random nature. The lack of any system or recognizeable pattern instills calmness and clears...


Melodic track featuring African choir voices, african chants and africanpercussion mixed with more contemporary pop/rock guitar, bass, and strings.African style vocal chorus and vocalizing / vocalese.

Endless Possibilities

Melodic electro-rock track with elements of Science Fiction soundtrack work, progressive rock and ambient electronica. Guitar leads, epic pads, analogue synth sequences. Among many other featuresare a long, floating and building intro, and an guitar solo reminescent of Alan Holdsworth or Alex Lifeso...

Epic Series

The Epic Series is a series of 26 individual music tracks. Semi-orchestral, semi-electronic soundtrack work inspired by Babylon 5, etc. Brooding,pompous, epic, military style. Some of these are grouped together -- i.e. Epic 1 calm, Epic 1 Suspense and Epic 1Battle use the same instrumentation and un...


Free spirited, uplifting and positive, medium tempo electronica/trance trackwith an ethereal vocal chant. Bright and groovy withwhoosh sounds and varied sequential patterns throughout.

Gateway of the Gods

A middle eastern, Arabian sounding, epic, highly dramatic piece, featuring eastern chant vocals, large drums and percussion section, strings, choir and other ethnic instruments. After a foreboding,tense opening section, the main percussion and chant part comes in at about 52 seconds into the track.....

Hidden Agenda

Mysterious, pulsating underscore track with a sense of dangeror impending discovery. Crime investigation, undercover spy, agent, secretmission, breaking in or exploring a crime scene etc.


Determined, fast paced chase or battle scene music,using a combination of orchestral sounds with ahard hitting techno backdrop.

Inside Story

Underscore track for intrigue, crime, conspiracy and troubled times. This film soundtrack style track has both adark and a light side, with a strong foreboding sense of impending conflict. Keywords: drama dramatic pensiveforeboding mystery mysterious crime csi investigation forensic detective newspa...

Intricate Steps

Underscore track with a low level spy-thriller bass groove. Funky, laidback drums, electric piano, slightlyretro feel. Undercover cop, investigation, searching for clues etc. Keywords: CSI detective clues investigation investigatingagent secret james bond 007 spy thriller mystery forensic forensics ...
Yann Keerim