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Spin Cycle

Short, introduction for program or transition between scenes. Heavy metal/rock feel with electro synth sounds and strings. Very driving and intense.

Slow Jam

Romantic, sensual R'n'B style instrumental. Contemporary, urban feel with wind chimes and a solid groove.

Remember Me

Acoustic guitar ballad with piano melody. Conflicted and reminiscent, featuring a strong build to electric guitar solo. Reveals sad and uplifting emotions.

Book Em Danno

Gritty, rock style action piece, perfect for a chase scene. With a good city or crime feel, would work well over credits or intense action.

Sahara Drums

Ominous instrumental featuring intense drums and percussion, low ominous strings. Perfect for military or war scenes set in the Middle East.

Samba #7

Jazzy, Latin style instrumental with acoustic guitar, piano and drums. Easy going and light hearted, great for home and cooking programs. Intro with drum solo.


Indie rock, light hearted feel with a more uplifting chorus. Melody on bells, featuring organ, electric piano, clean electric guitar and 60's drums.

Special Delivery

Quick, 30 second instrumental. Quirky and indie-rock feel perfect for an advertisement or commercial with a very positive ending. Featuring piano and heavy bass guitar.

A Dark Hero

Action, drama similar to Hans Zimmer in The Dark Knight. Ominous build with solo violin and strings, cinematic percussion.

Uplifting Drama

Acoustic guitar with electric clean solo, driving drums, emotional transformation. Originally used for family feature preview.

A Rainy Day

Sad, reflective instrumental featuring piano, strings and solo violin. Works well with a montage or under a very dramatic scene. Turns around with a happier finish.

84 Propaganda

Fantasy, dramatic instrumental. Could work in sci-fi or drama, featuring spacey drums and synth, building with strings and bells. Very full ending.


Instrumental piece that builds and drops, featuring piano, strings, horns, and drums. Perfect music for a documentary or for scenes involving nature cinema.


An upbeat Polynesian Tribal nod to the smooth, glad feelings of the tropics. Mixed with a hint of adventure, this track can take you to a relaxing spot on the beach, or deep into the jungle.


An electro-Middle Eastern hybrid track with high energy and a mystical, sexy, adventurous vibe.

You Versus Them

Intense and cinematic, "You Versus Them" is perfect to lay under a dark chase scene when you need to intensify the panic and emotion of the scene.


A magical and mystical, heroic adventure into your imagination. Orchestral in nature, "Neverland" captures a truly epic and exciting emotion.


A powerful, heroic fanfare and theme in the style of John Williams.

Pressure Point

The pressure's on and you're under the gun facing a difficult situation or deadline. This intense and suspenseful driving rock/orchestral soundtrack oozes a dark and edgy, tension filled atmosphere. With a relentless hypnotic groove that steadily escalates to a powerful explosive climatic ending.

Flying High

This up-tempo, rocking track has a happy, feelgood mood. Conveys an uplifting, on top of the world vibe.
Yann Keerim