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Disco Times

A short disco track with a solid 1970's or early 80's flavor. Great for commercials, fashion or any chic retro material. Available as 20-seconds, 12-seconds or a seamless music loop.

rain or shine

A short, feelgood country / folk / americana track based on acoustic guitars and witha feeling of nature and the outdoors. Excellent for outdoor, hobby, family, nature and perfectas a weather report or weather update. Soothing, wholesome, appealing, friendly, refreshing and uplifting.

groove vs gang

Cool, downtempo urban lounge funkster. This short track is only 41 seconds long and fades outat the end. It will work well as a background groove for any funky material, website opening, game, fashion model, TV or other media. Also available as a seamless loop.


Starting in a pensive and dark mood, this orchestral action trailer cue rises up to a spine-tingling,hair-raising climax. Orchestra and choir combined with samples to create a huge, majestic Hollywood style production. Suitablefor movie trailer, action, war or battle footable, unspeakable monsters o...


A strong rhythm of deep, ethnic percussion provides the base for this staccato, ominous and glorifying track with a dark fantasy feel. Itbuilds gradually throughout, to a huge and overpowering tidal wave of orchestral brass, strings, war chants and a massive percussion section. Proud andmajestic, bu...

la cantine

A short quickstep / swing jazz tune with clarinet melody. Sortof a sound-alike of the Cantina music track from Star Wars.Great for intro screens, commercials, comedy, animal antics, etc.

All Is Well

A very uplifting, refreshing, positive and spirited, short acoustic pop/rock track. Melodic, appealing, fresh and feelgood. This track is excellent as an opening sequence for anything daytime TV, travel or friendly, family oriented material. Available in 30-seconds, 15-seconds or a seamless music lo...

get it groovin

Short and crisp groover that can be a kids track, but is certainly not limitedto that. Bottles, scratching and lots of fun. Great as a somewhat cheeky, playful tvcommercial, an introduction to a fun and colorful tv program or game show, etc.
Yann Keerim