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A Way To The Top

Fast and energetic uplifting world music track with positive mood / feel. Overdrive percussions and classical guitars and string section. Useful for successful corporate visuals,game shows openers and any successful project !

Gates Of Hell

Dark and Violent Orchestral Track appropriate for teaser trailers in the style of Prometheus, Alien and many horrors. The tracks escalates from this gate SoundFx to a very big cinematic orchestra sound.


A gritty, down and dirty, roots-rock track with an edgy, relentless groove. Features a raw, hypnotic repeating resonator guitar line, Delta blues slide guitar riffs, keys, bass and drums. Good for back-country rural themed programs with various media. Assorted edits provided for maximum flexibility.

Swinging Fast

Fast jazz music recorded on Piano and upright bass. Swinging, rhythmic and bouncy. Improvised, fresh acoustic music track

Contemporary Jazz Piano

Modern piano tune recorded on a grand acoustic piano. Contemporary, modern, jazzy music. Great music for backgrounds in videos, documentary, movies and ambient situations

Dreaming About You

Peaceful music with a careful, soulful feeling. This piano music is slow, soft and quiet. Great for ambient music in love, drama, sensitive, tender situations

City Bell II

Rhythmic piano music, easy listening and happy. This music will be great for background music and ambient music. A touch of latin mood and optimistic feeling

The Sea

Repetitive, pulsating, climatic music recorded with piano and acoustic bass, very creative and improvised. Piano and bass play arround only one chord with organic melodies with a flowing feeling

Driving Anywhere

Dinamic music, very organic with a flowing feeling. This music recorded on piano is forceful, positive, uplifting and optimistic and will be great for corporate projects

Feng Shui II

Piano music, very creative and fresh with easy listening melodies. Medium tempo, warm sound. Great for ambient, background music in video projects

A Hopeful Day

Romantic and sentimental piano music, very soft and warm. This music will fit well for love and touching situations. Quiet, mellow, slow instrumental music with warm acoustic sound

Ethnic Style

Acoustic music with piano and upright bass. Great music for background music, videos and other situations where a fresh, improvised, creative, dark jazzy music is required

Groovy Life

Groovy, funky, jazzy music track with piano and acoustic bass. Bass play a smooth groove and piano play cool melodies. Great music for positive, optimistic, playful and joyful situations

Happy Piano Duo

Happy piano music, swinging and joyful. This music will be great for positive projects. Easy listening, acoustic, instrumental, jazzy and light
Yann Keerim