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Lift off 2

Positive, energetic, hopeful, bright electronic instrumental track

The Secret Room

Ominous, dark, suspensful instrumental orchestral track with acoustic piano. Great for credits, soundscape, credits, or to set up impending doom.

Broken Worlds

Dynamic epic progressive rock ballad with orchestral arrangement and male and female vocals culminating in an intense fiery electric guitar solo. Vocals performed by Craig McConnell and Claire Millon.

The Fine Line part two

Climactic, rhythmic, tense, dynamic, threatening instrumentral track


Dangerous, dynamic, threatening, ominous orchestral cue with acoustic piano

Dead Loco

Crime thriller music a la Alfred Hitchcock, intense, disturbing and deranged.

Summer Wind 2

Light, optimistic, purposeful, bold instrumental track

Appalachian Stream Loop

Purposeful rural piano instrumental with light drums and tambourine. Suggesting country life and the rolling Appalachian mountains.

Ride the Abyss

Dynamic, tense, atmospheric, action-pending instrumental track

Still Strong

Uplifting, optimistic, purposeful, light, positive instrumental track

Big view

Positive, grand, regal and triumphant orchestral cue with a contemporary rhythm.

Beyond The Sun

Dark and mysterious atmospheric synthizer based track that echoes the realm of deep space and lost worlds at the edge of time. Suited for science fiction movies/documentaries and psychological thrillers.

Natural 2

Smooth, easy, jazzy instrumental cue with acoustic piano

Royal Moment

Triumphant, glorious, victorious, epic instrumental track

Heaven fades

Driving, positive, high energy hard rock track with male vocal

Celestial Spheres

Mysterious syntheziser and sampler based instrumental track suggesting the vast orbital paths and perpetual journey of planets through the solar system, containing cathedral organ, choirs and female vocal. Suited for science documentaries and science fiction movies/documentaries.

Summer Wind

Light, optimistic, purposeful, bold instrumental track

Escape Velocity 2

High energy instrumental rock track featuring extreme electric guitar solos and with a unconventional time signature in the bridge.All guitar solos performed by Craig McConnell (no samples).

Vivaldi Winter Revisited

A modern take of Winter from Vivaldi's Four Seasons. Positive, energizing, optimistic, joyful, driving instrumental with electric guitar.
Yann Keerim