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Both delicate & epic, romantic & uplifting, beautiful & inspiring, this piece starts with a gentle grand piano movement & builds with orchestral strings & manipulated organic tones, this gorgeous euphoric piece lifts you gently then flies you away to somewhere magical. Very commercial & very moving....

Yum! Yum! Yum! Yum!

A crazy mad happy greedy hungry cuddly monster sings the song and I can imagine he is looking at a conveyor belt of food passing him as he 'sings' and he's very hungry! Suitable for a TV commercial or TV programme. Very commercial and VERY catchy. A silly fun happy daft song which kids love and grow...


A piano & strings tribute to Adele's Rolling In The Deep in an orchestrative organic style, (REAL instruments, not computers by the way). This lovely, softly driving compulsory track builds & moves with real purpose, indicating optimism & strength in an upbeat way. Very contemporary & suitable parti...

Hip-Hop Ghost Rider

Dark driving brooding cool & sexy modern urban-soul hip-hop. Conveying drive, tension, purpose & determination. Sounds a little like 'No Church In The Wild' by Kanye West Jay-Z & Frank Ocean, with a menacing pounding groove, winding bass & urban strings. Really cool, menacing & sexy. Curtis Mayfiel...

Higher Than The Sun

Very catchy cool funky sexy dynamic pop/dance/electro instrumental - Very 2013, contemporary and cool, sounds like LMFAO Sexy and I know it & PSY Gangnam Style. Grooving synths and rocking beats thump and pulse in a high energy glam party rock style. will suit soundtracking a TV commercial or spot p...

Love & Romance

All about love - this contemporary high-end production dramatic piece, which features real grand piano & orchestral strings is steeped in romance. Both modern & classic, it is slow and beautiful, warm & magical. Perfect for a film score & will backdrop corporate & training footage & presentations pe...

Thought Showers

Delicately uplifting, calmly inspiring piece for piano & orchestra. Featuring grand pianos, real orchestra strings & manipulated organic tones, this ethereal euphoric piece lifts you gently & flies you away somewhere happy & serene. Sounds like Ludovico Einaudi Thomas Newman, Jon Brion, James Horner...

With Love

Inspiring moving delicate piano composition, suitable for the most heart-breaking - & loving - emotive moments. It builds delicately & is subtly joined by gentle orchestra around the same melody. Becoming more euphoric & spiritual, it gently builds to an ethereal & emotional heavenly ending. Very s...

Thunder Comes

My tribute to Hans Zimmers' monstrously threatening Gotham's Revenge from his score from the latest and last Batman movie The Dark Knight Rises. Hugely dramatic composition which piles layer on layer of string orchestration, building to an astonishing film score style climax. Sounds like Ludovico E...

Heart & Home

This beautiful contemporary instrumental for piano & strings is perfect for all corporate & advertising needs - radio friendly, positive & chilled, but also conveys purpose, driving forward, optimism & strength in an upbeat way. Will perfectly backdrop TV Commercials, radio spots, movie trailers, in...

God Save The Queen Of The Rock

As the title suggests it's a rock out version of God Save The Queen. Brian May recorded the difinitive rock version of this song on Queen's A Night At The Opera & hopefully I have gotten somewhere close. A more modern alternative to the good old British National Anthem.

Hit The Ground Running

Huge dramatic orchestral scoring piece which sounds a little like 'Gotham's Reckoning' by Hans Zimmer from 'The Dark Knight Rises', - the third in the trilogy of Batman films. It is super dramatic and has that movie magic heavy driving sweeping menacing building sexy cool action drama massive amazin...

Good Ol Boys

A slice of Americana, Good Ol Boys features grooving pianos, smoking rock and acoustic guitars and catchy whistling. Upbeat, motivating, optimistic and positive in nature.
Yann Keerim