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Rainy day

Film Music Suitable for Commercials Orchestral

A Child

Film Music Suitable for Commercials Orchestral

Silent romance

Suitable for Documentaries Atmos High Quality Production

Vocal jazz symphony

Fun , comedic , all voices jazz composition For Film and TV Voice percussions , voice bass , voice trumpet , voice harmony 1m59sec

Mister Bond

James Bond spin off , suspensfull , energetic , spy like For Film and TV Big Band ,60th guitar , vibes , drums 1m19sec

Cha Cha

Ballroom dancing cha cha , fun , sunny . For Film and TV Big Band , Latin Influence , Brass ,piano. 3m49sec

Unusual bossa nova

Romantic ,cheeky , comedic bossa nova with film underscore in mind For Film and TV Acoustic Guitars , Piano , light percussions , jazz voices 2m16sec

Flight of the Bumblebee

Remake of classical music , rewritten orchestration , stylish For Film and TV Strings , flutes , horns 1m14sec

One more Bebop

Old style jazz , fun , fast ,comedic . For Film and TV Piano ,guitar , bass , drums , vibes 1m49sec

Little Dwarfs

Comedic underscore , good for Christmas stories , Sarcastic For Film and TV Pizzicatos , little bells ,strings , solo violin , solo trumpet , tuba 1m42sec


Track 7 Robots Severely electronic , robotic , unicue style of sounds For Film and TV Synths , synths

Mister Capone

Track 5 Mister Capone Swing style spin off from mafia type Hollywood Movies For Film and TV Big Band , solo piano , flutes , big drums , trumpets 1m48sec

Russians in New York

Hybrid of Russian polka with swing big band jazz , comedic For Film and TV Full range of instruments : clarnets , guitars ,trumpets , bass sax , trombones etc 3m35sec

Piano impression 2

Emotional solo acoustic piano . Story telling . Romantic. For Film and TV Acoustic piano only

Casulties of War 3

Highly emotional underscore , sad ,thoughtful . For Film and TV Harp ,strings , sound designed percussions, solo violin

She is

Heat warming composition . Story telling . Romantic . For Film and TV Acoustic guitars , piano ,strings , acoustic bass

Super Orgazm

Contemporary score for sexual encounter . Psychedelic . Intense . For Film and TV Breathing female and male , sound design , contemporary drums , funky elements
Yann Keerim