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Those Graceful Moments full

by ionics
Short classical piano piece. Gentle, sentimental and melancholic. Perfect as a movie score for drama or romance

The Color Of Regret full

by ionics
Placid and dreamy e-piano composition. Very gentle and emotional. Perfect as a movie score for drama or romance

Dark force rising

by ionics
A cinematic intense piece. Very dramatic, exciting and disturbing. Thrilling and epic. Powerful strings and vast sounding trombones. The perfect soundtrack for your extraordinary movie trailer!

Ruler Of All Things

Dramatic rolling string & orchestra/pop crossover which sounds a little like Viva La Vida by Coldplay. Driving pulsating uplifting modern instrumental soundtrack composition for strings orchestra & percussion. Strings are joined by drums, bells & timpani to create an emotionally compelling tune whi...

HighLife Beats

Mysterious, piano & orchestra led driving sexy tense Hi-hop groove which sounds like Kanye West Jay-Z & Frank Ocean. Suitable for infomercials, documentaries, training & voiceovers, conveying drive, tension, cool, purpose & positivity. Suitable for trailers tv movies commercials & radio, seminar ent...


The coolest funkiest retro hip-hop you are likely to hear - lad-back groove with sampled guitar, grooving James Brown style loops & beats, synths, Hammond organ & turntable sctratches. Reminds me of the sixties & seventies but could also be a Jay-Z, Kanye or Frank Ocean track. Super sexy, funky & co...

Funky Wicked Drummer

A super funky seventies James Brown style drum beat comes crashing in is joined by a walking funky bass line, then gradually guitars, synths, horns, orchestra etc. Sounds like a 70's Shaft style car chase but would work in a modern soundtrack and is very contemporary - sounds like music being used r...

Moon Walk

A delicate tranquil slow romantic piano & orchestral piece whi I have written as an alternative to, (& tribute to) Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky. Very romantic it brings to mind shimmering lakes in the moonlight & couples sharing their love. Will work beautifully for that most romantic passionate scenes...

Off The Hook

Hugely dramatic brooding building piece of orchestral rock which sounds like the theme to 28 Days Later by John Murphy (renamed 'Big Daddy Kills in the movie Kick-Ass). Brooding guitars & pianos build ominously until band & orchestra crash in & give it a real strutting thud. Perfect for epic dramati...
Yann Keerim