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Gateway of the Gods

A middle eastern, Arabian sounding, epic, highly dramatic piece, featuring eastern chant vocals, large drums and percussion section, strings, choir and other ethnic instruments. After a foreboding,tense opening section, the main percussion and chant part comes in at about 52 seconds into the track.....

Hidden Agenda

Mysterious, pulsating underscore track with a sense of dangeror impending discovery. Crime investigation, undercover spy, agent, secretmission, breaking in or exploring a crime scene etc.


Determined, fast paced chase or battle scene music,using a combination of orchestral sounds with ahard hitting techno backdrop.

Inside Story

Underscore track for intrigue, crime, conspiracy and troubled times. This film soundtrack style track has both adark and a light side, with a strong foreboding sense of impending conflict. Keywords: drama dramatic pensiveforeboding mystery mysterious crime csi investigation forensic detective newspa...

Intricate Steps

Underscore track with a low level spy-thriller bass groove. Funky, laidback drums, electric piano, slightlyretro feel. Undercover cop, investigation, searching for clues etc. Keywords: CSI detective clues investigation investigatingagent secret james bond 007 spy thriller mystery forensic forensics ...

Leaf in the Wind

A sweetly mysterious, dreamy, soft and romantic musicalsoundscape. Bowed bells, strings, pads. Soaring, emotional chordprogressions. Loving, caressing, sleepy/dreamy and slightly wistful.

Live Wire

Uptempo, slick and streamlined techno, trance electronica track. Solid, groovy bass line, subtle arpeggiosand sweeps. A determined beat and good energy level, but without being too in-your-faceor brash. Suitable for high-tech, technology, sports footage, space trip and more.


Mechatron: Strong, confident, mechanical sounding background track. Suitable as corporate underscore, high-tech presenations, mechanical orstructural demonstrations, slideshows. Strength and confidence. Keywords: mechanical strong determined business corporate dark pensive confidentindustry industri...

Mission Incredible

Inspired by the sound of Mission Impossible, this is a fast moving theme for aspy, secret agent or undercover cop. Suitable for action with a hint of mystery andconspiracy. Keywords: james bond 007 mission impossible secret agent spy spies undercover espionage mystery mysterious

Mystical Pyramids

Mystical Pyramids: Slightly dark and foreboding Arabian/Egyptian track with a sense of history and mysticism.This track goes through various different sections throughout -- some more and some less rhythmic-- and can be used for several cues. UK.
Yann Keerim