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olympic spirit

Aggressive , Triumphant, Uplifting ,Proud ,Heroic For Film and TV Drums , orchestral ,electric guitars , big drums , strings , French horns


Dramatic, Patriotic, Nostalgic For Film and TV Orchestral

mississippi flood 1

Anxious , reflective , thoughtful , moving For Film and TV Percussions , southern guitar , pad , sound design

humankind 2

Dreamy , reflective , thoughtful , sincere For Film and TV Human voice , acoustic guitars , ambient , sound design

evil plan

Anxious , dangerous , dark, sacral For Film , TV and Animation Contrabasses , sound design , orchestral , whispering

plane crash

Dark , dangerous , angry , Mad , Disturbed , Serious , Terrible with tragic Finale For Film and TV Orchestra , choir , sound design , distorted guitars , ambient , sound design

death of a friend

Melancholic , Sentimental ,Sad , Nostalgic For Film and TV Acoustic Piano ,fretless bass , drums , strings , solo trumpet , female voice 2min41sec

dungeon of the dragon

Dark ,dangerous , ghostly , powerful For Film, TV and Animation Orchestral , choir , tubular bells , church organ , monk singing


Angry ,Aggressive , marching dark, disturbed For Film and TV Big drums , sound design , high strings ,contrabasses

mississippi flood 2

Sad , melancholic , dark , emotional For Film and TV Orchestra , southern guitars , sound design

who am i

Mysterious , moving ,hypnotic For Film and TV Percussions , strings , piano ,bass , synth

that voice

Mysterious , Unreal , Hypnotic For Film and TV Ethnic female voice , acoustic piano ,sound design

cellotronics10 opium

Ethereal, otherworldly cello and electronica. Suitable for dream sequence, background ambiance, fantasy or sci-fi cello, dream, cellos, ambient, Brad Feidel, Terminator


A beautiful and hypnotic blend of electronica, strings, beats and cellos. Cello, cellos, ambient, hypnotic, cinematic, moody

the scream -cello mix

An instantly alluring and memorable track featuring complex Middle Eastern style beats, fretless bass, guitar and solo cello.cello, synth, guitar, suspense, thrills, chase, fear, run, flee


Slightly disturbing blend of cello and electronica creating a sound scape ideal for sci-fi, fantasy, horror or game. cello, dark, disturbing, dramatic, game, underscore,

cello works beats remix

Dark ominous cello over a bed of moody electronica, Scary, sad or mournful depending on the images.cello, brooding, ominous, scary, thoughtful, sad, empty, lost, longing

4am (original)

A solo cello plays a beautiful and moving melody. An enigmatic track full of movement and feeling cello, solo, underscore Yo-Yo Ma, loss, longing

dissonant cello with beats

Slightly disturbing blend of cello and electronica creating a sound scape ideal for sci-fi, fantasy, horror or game. cello, psychedelic, urban, beats, hiphop, dissonant, strings

hymn for the lost remix with cello

Hypnotic, moody beats, electronica, guitar, bass and cello. Well suited to Sci-Fi, fantasy or games.Cello, electro, beats, synth, game, sci-fi, fantasy, trip-hop

sirius remix

Very strong melody led tune played by cello over an electronica bed. Pulsing, hypnotic rhythms and a dreamy feel. cello, hiphop, drum and bass, dreamy, trip-hop, space
Yann Keerim