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Full Symphony Orchestra. Very dramatic track. Appropriate for big, new love, romantic separation, Love Story, Human suffering, poetic, Life Evaluating, big change, documentaries, WW2. Very close to the sound of John Williams's Schindler 's List with Sad and Epic culmination moments


Energetic electro dance music capturing excitement, liveliness and mainstream dance elements. Upbeat, uplifting and modern in nature. Fashion, glamourous and youthful in sound.

Romantic Hero

Glorious and Heroic cinematic track with a romantic feel. Emotional music great for heroic movies, melodramas, romantic themed videos and trailers, commercials and other visual media. Passionate music performed on a grand piano and accompanied by a full orchestra.

Emotions Of The Man In Love

Emotional cinematic composition with a dark and depressed feeling. Somber piano with heavenly pad sound create a mysterious atmosphere. Great for films, documentaries, trailers and more.

Beautiful Waltz

Positive, optimistic and joyful waltz with piano, string pizzicato and full orchestra with jazzy drums from the second part. Great for films, trailers and videos.

Optimistic Inspiration

Inspirational and Positive pop track with uplifting piano harmonies and upbeat drums that will inspire and motivate the listener. Great for commercials, TV, promos, presentations and much more. Music that evokes the feeling of Success and Freedom.

Setting A Trap

Intriguing and Dynamic cinematic composition with pizzicato strings, glockenspiel and percussion in the beginning escalating to the full orchestral soundtrack with strings, brass and different synthesizers. Great for dynamic scenes with inventions and creative people. Will work best in films and tra...


Emotional, soft and peaceful cinematic track with an ambient, atmospheric and soothing feel. Great for emotional film scenes, trailers, documentaries, and other audiovisual media.

Classical Pianist

Emotional and Dramatic solo piano composition with heroic and glorious feel. Performed on a grand piano in a classical cinematic style. Great for trailers, movies, commercials and more.

Future Technology

Upbeat and Powerful Corporate music with synthesizers, piano, percussion and more. Great for new product promos, commercials, TV and radio. Uplifting music that will bring your project success.

Uplifting Impulse

Inspirational and Uplifting Pop/Rock track with guitars, bass, drums, piano and orchestral strings. Positive and Happy music that will be great for commercials, movies, presentations, product promos and much much more. Successful music that will guide you and your project to success.

Inspiring Sky

Inspirational and Uplifting corporate music track featuring Orchestral strings, mallets, upbeat drums and solid bass. Positive and Motivational composition great for commercials, TV, promos, presentations, corporate and business videos. Motivating music that will bring you and your project luck and ...

Financial Success

Uplifting and Motivational track with a positive and optimistic feel. Sweet and warm piano harmonies accompanied by upbeat drums, choir, solid bass parts, synthesizers and orchestral strings from the second part of the track. Great for commercials, TV themes, websites, videos and more.

Wonders Of Dubai

Cinematic action track with middle eastern harmonies, feel and instruments like Duduk, Oud and Santoor accompanied by full orchestra, different percussion, synthesizers, grand piano and bass guitar. Great for films shot in the modern middle eastern cities like Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Will work great in...

The rain song (Pure piano version)

"The rain song" not only speaks about the rain; it refers to the lost connection between man and nature. Calm, piano soundtrack theme.

The rain song

"The rain song" not only speaks about the rain; it refers to the lost connection between man and nature. Calm, piano soundtrack theme.

My Fairy Tale

by Fabrica
Cheerful track suitable for web fairytales, adverts and TV-Web openers .

Sunny Fields

by Fabrica
Happy and smooth theme ,suitable for cartoons and web fairytales .

Exotic Tales

by Fabrica
Happy music for fairytales , theater , adverts and cartoons .
Yann Keerim