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A soprano sings the melody over an orchestral backing.backing. Elegant and poignant - a time for remembrance.Sombre, Sad, Solemn

For Dixie

light easy guitar solo. Happy,Happy, bouncy, confident rag.Lively, Playful, Celebratory

First Place

Focus your energy and let this track power youyou forward to achieve your goals. Very mechanical.Confident, Determined, Motivational

Finding Your Way

Starts off with a determined, tense part which speeds up, and is then contrasted with aa mellow R 'n' B section which seems to move at a much slower pace.Dramatic, Careful, Thoughtful

Fights Break Out

by Slip
Changing from quiet ambient parts to veryvery prominent, deep resonant bass and drums.Angry, Forceful, Dramatic

Everything Is Happening Too Quickly

Tense and full of suspense, this track is dominateddominated by synth arpeggios and prominent drums and accompaniment.Flowing, Mechanical, Repetitive

Dancefloor Boogie

A march-like rhythm dominates this infectiousinfectious garage style dance track.Dancing, Lively, Happy


Voice and string pads with twinkling, icy feeling given byby bells and ascending and descending electric piano runs.Ethereal, Magical, Spacious

Conservation Project

Light yet purposeful. Swirling soundssounds and light rhythm track.Thoughtful, Ethereal, Mystical

Communication Lines

Fast, busy rhythmic chords propel this technologicaltechnological track along. Rhythm track builds throughout.Driving, Powerful, Mechanical


Heavy club disco with deep bass drum topped withwith percussion, electric piano and funky guitar riffs.Dancing, Groovy, Funky

Clear Intentions

Guitar based piece with lots ofof atmosphere. Very reflective and thoughtful.Mysterious, Tension, Spacious

Changing Technologies

Technological and futuristic industrial track. Very mechanicalmechanical and busy. Great for Scifi too.Mechanical, Corporate, Dark

Call Of The Islands

A melody from a conch shell sounding instrumentinstrument sits over a soothing latin accompaniment.Relaxed, Sensual, Passionate

Brahms Lullaby

Sometimes called 'The Cradle Song', this instrumental version contains classical guitar with lots ofof reverb. Quiet strings and choir accompaniment on repeat ad to dreamy feel.Soft, Tranquil, Calm

Blues Upon Blues

light easy, electric and slide guitars create a feeling ofof being hot and exhausted after a tough day.Longing, Relaxed, Dreamy

Be Thankful

Uplifting beat track featuring a piano lead.lead. Very melodic with lively backing.Flowing, Dancing, Lively

Being There

A medium paced light pop track gives a sense of movement.movement. Light background music punctuated with a prominent melody sound.Hopeful, Reflective, Uplifting


Rising and falling bass line with prominent drums forfor this highly mechanised track. Powerful, almost robotic.Ominous, Dark, Heavy

Auld Lang Syne

Written in 1788, this is usually played at a New Year celebration. This instrumental, (on piano withwith no extrAccompaniment), is a no-frills version with one verse and two choruses at a medium tempo.Christmas, Holidays, Festive

At The Limit

Chaotic, fast, loud and 'in your face'. Great forfor sports and fast segments and motor sports.Hard, Dramatic, Driving
Yann Keerim